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Bathtub gin. Ever heard of that? It was a Prohibition-era artifact. Because liquor was against the law, enterprising folks would gin some up (pun intended) in the bathtub where they’d set up an illegal distilling operation. Many of these distillations proved to be pure poison, occasionally blinding or killing the unlucky drinker. Consequently, “bathtub gin” got quite an unsavory reputation.

In case you haven’t guessed, today is gin day on Patricia Green Books. Belly up to the bar, where I’m serving Gin Rickeys, Gin & Tonics, and, of course, Traditional Martinis (with double olives, of course).

Cover: Strong, Silent TypeI went through my books and couldn’t find anyone drinking gin. This is a total oversight, and I promise I’ll remedy it in a future book. But, if you’ll allow me, I’ll offer a little of my most recent release, The Strong, Silent Type. Readers seem to be enjoying this book, and my hope is that you will too. Let me tantalize you with a taste.

The afternoon had been taken up by a drunk and disorderly complaint and some coordination of cases with the BIA security office on the reservation. When four-thirty came around, Drake was tired and tense. The idea of meeting with Mae excited him and filled him with dread.

He heard her car on the blacktop outside, took a deep breath and came out of his office to greet her. No one else was in the station; they were alone.

“Hi, Chief.” She offered a hug, but he held out his hand. If he held her, he might not be able to let go. As it was, he felt an electric bolt through his body when she returned his handshake. She looked a little puzzled, and her eyes roamed the little station, then turned back to him with a silent question.

“Yes, we’re alone.”

“Oh.” She flipped back a lock of red curls and smiled gently. “So…”

Drake took his eyes off her face and tried not to give her a once-over. She wore a little summer sundress with a bright floral pattern. She was adorable and sexy, both.

“Right,” he said, finding his voice. “Come into my office.”

She followed him and sat in a chair across from his desk. He admired her slender, smooth legs as she crossed them at the ankles primly.

“Well, let’s get right to it. I have a voice recording—the greeting from a person’s cell phone—and I’m wondering if you can tell me if the voice sounds like the second robber.”

“I’ll try. I didn’t sleep well last night. Nightmares about the robbery. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be much help. But I’ll give it my best shot. I don’t mean shot, what I mean to say was–“

“I understand.”

“I want to help. Go ahead.”

If you’ve been following Horny Hump Day here, you’ll have a pretty good idea what transpires in that office. If not…You can get The Strong, Silent Type at Blushing Books, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Although a bright Gin Rickey made with Citadelle brand gin is my favorite summertime gin cocktail, I thought you might like this one from the Citadelle site:

Saturday in the Park

Citadell GinIngredients:
1.5 oz. Citadelle Gin
– .75 oz. Aperol *
– .5 oz. Laird’s Applejack
– .5 oz. Green Chartreuse
– .25 oz. Mathilde Pear Liqueur

Crack solid ice cubes and half-fill a shaker. Fill the rest of the way with solid cubes. Add all ingredients. Stir approximately 30 times. Strain into a glass and garnish with a lemon peel.

* Aperol is a low-alcohol liqueur that’s a lot like Campari.

Bottom’s up!

Oh right… the video clip. This week’s clip was a tough one. No one does a decent job singing about gin. All you songsters out there had better get busy—there’s a niche to be filled. Anyway, I thought it almost as appropriate to post a song by the Gin Blossoms. Do you know what the term “gin blossom” actually refers to? It refers to the pattern of broken capillaries one finds on the nose and cheeks of a person who imbibes rather too much gin too regularly. Not a pretty sight.

Here’s the vid. “Follow You Down” by the Gin Blossoms.

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  1. Great edition of Saturday Sips! Really been enjoying getting to know the characters from Strong Silent Type :o)

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