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Cover: Deuce's DancerDeuce’s Dancer, book 4 of the Journey Family series was just released by Blushing Books. This book stands alone, or you can follow the family adventures. Click here to see the list of Journey books.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about this fun book. You can get it at Blushing Books (lots of formats, including direct-to-Kindle) or from Amazon (for your Kindle or Kindle for PC).


The Journey Family series continues with the second son, Deuce Journey. He’s an MD with a past that haunts him, but while in Jamaica, he meets a beautiful Latina who steals his breath away. He can’t keep his past a secret, but despite his honesty with her, his love interest is being mysterious.

Pilar Peréz has a past, too, one that she’s been hiding from Deuce fearing that it’ll ruin his career. She knows it’s wrong and she wants to do the right thing. The problem is that Deuce is a no-nonsense kinda guy who isn’t going to accept her evasive behavior without teaching her a lesson.

But is it a lesson if Pilar loves being spanked?

M/F, contemporary, erotic, spanking romance, set in Texas.

Read an excerpt.

Read about the characters.

To my loyal fans, thank you for supporting this series. Two more books to go after this one and they’re already with the publisher, waiting for their day in the sun.

Happy reading!


  1. Congratulations, Patricia, on your newest release! I just liked and tagged it and hope your sales fly through the roof. Sounds like another great addition to the Journey series!

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