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Patricia Green Spanking Romance TourPlease come over to the Erotica and Romance Books page at The Examiner and read this lovely 4-Star review by Acquanetta Ferguson. It’s so wonderful to encounter a reviewer that “gets it” and so far on this blog tour, I’ve been delighted by readers who do.

I’d appreciate it if you’d tell all your friends about how The Strong, Silent Type was received. Maybe one or two of them will pick up a copy!

Here’s a link to the trailer, just in case you want to share.

Thanks for following along.



  1. Congrats on the wonderful review, Trish!
    (I tried to comment on the review but the form wasn’t working)

  2. Great review, Patricia! I left your reviewer a comment, but will reiterate her that SST is a wonderfully believable story with characters you will want to fall in love with. Congratulations!

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