Wicked After Dark Blog Hop–Spankers Wanted

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Congratulations, Gretchen! 

I hope you all got a chance to win something as you hopped along this seasonal event. Please come back to Patricia Green Books again. It would be a pleasure to see you!

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Wicked After Dark BannerLet’s face it, I like to write erotic spanking romance. All my work over the last few years has been focused there and I absolutely love it.

What is erotic spanking romance? In my books, it’s stories about a man and a woman finding their way through a difficult courtship. The man is always an alpha type (those are my favorite) and the woman is usually feisty and a little irritating. It’s that irritating behavior that she gets spanked for. Not all of the spankings are for punishment, and that’s where the erotica comes in. Lots of the spankings are part of the sexuality of these couples. When they mate, it’s an explosive experience.

Erotic spanking romance is kinky, it’s romantic, it’s erotic, and it’s transporting. What’s really amazing and delightful is that erotic spanking romance appeals to a wide range of readers, from women to men, from romance lovers to spankophiles to adherents of Domestic Discipline lifestyles. There aren’t too many people who don’t find something fun in those stories.

I don’t know if most spanking romance authors have the same great fans and experiences in the romance author community, but my journey here continues to be a joy.

Now for the sales pitch. 🙂 If you like erotic stories, spanking stories, and/or romance stories, I hope you’ll take the time to look over either The Strong, Silent Type or any of my Journey Family series of books. They’re all highly rated and available at Blushing Books and Amazon. Each novella can stand on its own merits and will provide you with hours of fast-paced pleasure. Get a little wicked while you’re here.

Take a look at the trailers and see if they appeal to you–your romantic side, your kinky side, your erotic side. (Hmm. That gives you three sides.) These trailers include a small amount of spanking footage, so you’ll probably agree that they’re Not Safe For Work.

Journey Family Series Trailer

The Strong, Silent Type Trailer

The giveaway: if you comment and include your email address, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a $10 Blushing Books gift certificate. Blushing Books is the premier erotic spanking romance publisher on the ‘net and happily, they publish my stuff along with the work of many others.

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Have a great time!

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