Two Books in Top 50

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Cover: Kiki's MillionaireCover: Bourbon & Branch WaterIn spite of having a cold, I couldn’t be happier. Two of my books are in the Top 50 Best Sellers for the Last 30 Days at Blushing Books. Yes, two!

You can pop over to Blushing Books and see what all the hubbub is about, maybe snag yourself a copy of one or both books.

In the #8 position is Kiki’s Millionaire, and it’s been rising in the ranks every day.

In the #31 position is the brand spankin’ new Bourbon & Branch Water. Hopefully it’ll move up as steadily as Kiki did.

I want say a big thank you to everyone who got me onto that list by buying one of my books. Thank you for telling your friends and family. Please continue to spread the word.

My best to you in this holiday season!


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