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moving boxes 12361405_sHi, everyone. If you’ve been following along, you know that my family is moving from Washington DC to Calgary AB (in Canada). International moves like this (even to our neighbor to the north) are a very, very complicated affair and take months to accomplish. For those of us who like to have all the details worked out in advance of a move, it can be a frustrating and infuriating process. However, it can be accomplished. We did it once before when we moved from Texas to Vancouver, and we are doing it again. Please be assured that this blog is not moving or changing. The site will remain exactly where it is without interruption (unless the whole net goes down, in which case, we have more important things to be concerned about).

While I move, I’ll be off the blog for a few weeks. I may or may not have a reliable internet connection when we first get there, and my computer will be in a box on a moving van for several weeks before I get it. However, I will be with you in spirit, and if luck is with me, I’ll be back to work on the blog before January is over. If you need to reach me or just want to lend support, you can leave a comment here or write to me personally. I’ll have my iPad so will be receiving email and comment notifications. I might not be able to respond promptly, but your support will certainly be appreciated.

In the meantime, please visit all the Horny Hump Day authors and give them your love, and maybe you’d like to take a trip through my site to read some free fiction, as well as blurbs, excerpts and character sketches pertaining to my many books. Also, drop in at Blushing Books for all the spanking romance you could want, and consider a membership to Bethany’s Woodshed to get your fix even before the books and stories are released on Blushing.

Thank you for sticking with me. I’ll be back with more Horny Hump Day posts and two new releases in February. My best wishes to you.



  1. Have a safe move…and know that all your fans will follow!

    Elaine Raco Chase

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