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I’m so lucky to have a special guest with me today. She’s Constance Masters, author of several great spanking romances that you won’t want to miss. You can find her books at a variety of ebook distributors; see the links below.

The Not So Very Good Pair of Spanking Underwear
by Constance Masters

Did your mother ever tell you that you should wear clean underwear in case you get hit by a bus? If being a spanko is hereditary as a lot of people believe, she may have meant…wear clean and good looking underwear in case you find yourself upended over someone’s knee.

It’s easy to have a romantic idea of what a spanking will be like. We read about them in all their romantic entirety as the hero raises the heroine’s skirt or lowers her shorts to find a perfect pair of pale globes quivering with nervousness.

Then there is the reality. You make one smart ass comment too many or you adjust the truth one too many times and it happens. Sheer panic that someone special is about to see those panties that are just for you. Maybe the laundry wasn’t quite up to date and you had to delve into the back of the drawer, maybe they’re for comfort or to hold you all together as happened to Alex in my story.

Sometimes being caught with your panties down or off is less embarrassing than getting caught those panties.

Thank you so much Trish for having me 🙂

Constance’s most recent release is My House, My Rules. Here’s an excerpt:

The fact that Jay again had a bird’s-eye, close-up view of her giant ass that was barely covered with a scrap of her dress was mortifying. What was worse was when the spanking stopped briefly, and she felt his fingers lift the bottom of her dress. His voice and his last threat was ringing in her ears.

“The next time you’re over my knee, your bottom will be bare.”

“NOOO!” she yelled, panic suddenly overtaking her. For God’s sake! She was wearing body shaping underwear! No cute little thong or lacy see-through underwear hidden under this dress. Who knew she’d manage to get into trouble again, so quickly? She thought if anything happened, she’d be given the opportunity to remove them beforehand. She had no idea that Jay would actually get to see the giant underwear that held her mother of two flesh all safely compacted. How apt that they should be called ‘spanks’.

“I need to…” What should she say? That she had to pee? Lying didn’t seem to be the smart option when you were over a man’s knee, and he was desperately trying to find your bare bottom. “I don’t want you to see!”

“Too late,” he said curiously. Jay inched his hand up the tight dress until he finally got to the band of the tight underwear. He’d never felt anything like it. It was like ridges and ridges of elastic hidden inside some kind of tight material.

Alex was mortified! “Jay!” she choked out.

“Hush,” Jay said as he tried to remove the spanks. They weren’t going to come off easily, and when Alex tried to buck her way off his lap, he slapped her bottom and stood her on her feet between his knees. “What on earth are those for?” he asked.

Alex shrugged. “They make me tighter.”

“Why would you think you need to look tighter? You’re beautiful.”

“I’m a mom of two boys who has a huge ass, a tummy that’s no longer as flat or the skin as tight as it once was. I wanted to look good. I can do with all the help I can get. I didn’t want you to think I was… ” Her sentence petered out under his unimpressed glare. There was no way she was going to use that word again. That’s why he’d started to spank her in the first place.

Constance Masters - My House My Rules coverCheck out the blurb. You’re gonna want this book!

My House, My Rules By Constance Masters

The last thing Jay needs on his first day in his new home is kids climbing over his fence and swimming in his backyard pool unsupervised and without his knowledge or permission. The incident serves as a less than optimal introduction to his next-door neighbor Alex, a beautiful young woman to whom Jay is immediately attracted in spite of, or perhaps because of, her defiant attitude.

Alex has been on her own with two children since her husband passed away three years ago, and although she would never admit it, she desperately needs a man in her life before things spiral any further out of control. In spite of the circumstances of their first meeting, Alex accepts Jay’s invitation to dinner.

When she learns of Jay’s career as an author of spanking romance novels, however, she is forced to consider the possibility that she herself might need a firm hand applied to her bare bottom far more often than she might like. Will she be able to accept the discipline required to get her life back on track, and if she does, will Jay be able to be the man she needs for herself and her kids?

Now that you’re hooked, buy the book here:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Blushing Books

Barnes and Noble


  1. LOL Constance, now that mental image is quite amusing. I liked your post alot!

  2. Loved this post and the excerpt. Yes, there is definitely underwear you don’t want anyone to see but you. 🙂 This sounds like a delicious read. Love the cover too–that guy is super HOT!

  3. That is totally me. I have the C-section scar and muffin top to prove it!
    I love, love, love the fact that you made this woman normal. We all have flaws. But it so hard to draw the line, between what will sell, and what is real. Great excerpt!
    This one is definitely going on my TBR.

  4. Interesting view on the topic of underwear, and an intriguing excerpt, Constance. I’m going to have to check out My House, My Rules. Thanks for sharing.

  5. LOL! This is the first time I have heard of that piece of advice used in this way. Maybe all of our mothers were secret spankos.

    Though spanking *over* body-shaping underwear would be pretty interesting. Hmm!

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