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Please join me in welcoming blockbuster author, Korey Mae Johnson as our guest author today. Korey is a very popular writer and graphic artist who also has her own publishing company, Stormy Night Publications. Follow the links to Korey’s writing and business.

This is your cue, Korey. Take it away!

Going Naughtier Than Naughty: Using the Base of a Fetish to Explore More Kinky Content

By Korey Mae Johnson

Website: htttp://

Firstly—thank you so, so much, Trish, for hosting me on your blog. Bloggers that follow you must have impeccable taste and so I’m so glad to get their attention for a day!

Now, blog-readers—do you remember the first time you ever read a fetish scene in a romance book and thought you were one lucky bitch for picking up a book that had, what you considered at the time, the hottest scene ever written? That’s happened to us all—it’s how we learned to put on our boots and hike out of Vanilla-Country.

If you think you’re not kinky, then let me put it this way: when was that moment when you discovered that you prefer the man/woman being on top/bottom during sex? Or when you decided you like doggy more than missionary position? That’s right—everyone has their dirty little preferences.

For me, I remember thinking it was a pretty amazing moment when I found spanking fiction. I liked the fact that I could read a romance and not “hope” that a spanking was going to be in it, I liked having that guarantee. BUT from that genre, I have been introduced to things that, if you asked me ten years ago, I wasn’t even interested in then, but have certainly warmed up to them.

And after that, I wanted more of it. For me, that was anal play, dirty talk, and exhibitionism. For others who first were dragged in by “only spanking”, it might have been age-play, or enemas, or being sent to the corner… It could have been nipple punishment, submission, slave-play, or pony-play, too. There can be all sorts of fetish-stories that include spanking as a part.

My husband put it perfectly, even though he’s a die-hard spanko. “Many people think they’re interested in one thing, when they’re really interested in something bigger. If you’re into spanking, that might be a symptom of being into humiliation. If you’re into humiliation, then there’s a whole world of kinks you might like—any sort of child-like punishment, any display of public humiliation or any sort of loss-of-control.”

He’s the one that had me make my writing more “fetish-y”, focusing on writing what we believe people were actually into—humiliation: the father of our particular kink… And so our kink has a big family.

According to sales, we guessed right. I guess people were out there looking around spanking books and just waiting for anal punishment, for mouth-soaping, for strict lectures and exhibitionism, because as soon as we grabbed hold of our belief in the power of humiliation, I went from non-successful to best-selling in a heartbeat. It was really that easy. There is a “secret chord”.

Our hands are already ‘dirty’ by getting involved in erotica, anyway. I’ve given up on writing the next great American novel that my future kids will read in their high-school English class. So, if we’re already walking the edge of naughty, why not jump all the way in? I know that I’ve searched for books about ménage and breeding and anal play and abduction, and I met thousands of people a lot kinkier than I am. You want people to search for something and find you. You want to give them what they want, and you want them to buy yours over another author who doesn’t offer more of what they want.

In short, experiment. Wonder why your readers like something and then give them more of it. Step out of your comfort zone and give readers something that will make them feel like you did when you realized that you could get romance books with guaranteed spanking in it. Embrace the Kink, my friends.

Blurb for Learning to Blush: The Swarii Brides, Book Two:

Cover: Learning to BlushAfter graduating high school, Penny’s life has fallen into a pretty simple routine: work part time at her cousin’s auto repair shop, build up her self-taught computer hacking skills, and most importantly, sleep with every decent looking man who passes through her small town.

Then Penny’s cousin Ellie suddenly returns after having gone missing for over a year, and Penny’s simple routine is upset. A couple of months later, two very large, very handsome, very strange men show up looking for Ellie, with one of them claiming to be her husband, and Penny’s life changes abruptly. She finds herself irresistibly drawn to the companion of Ellie’s husband, and his obvious distaste at her promiscuous ways only increases her need to have him.

In the midst of her attempts at seducing him, however, rapidly unfolding events demonstrate that Ellie’s new friends are not just strange, they are aliens, and they are being hunted by an old and powerful enemy. Before she fully understands what is happening, Penny finds herself aboard their small spacecraft, fleeing across the galaxy. Somehow, all of this does not dampen her desire for Thorton or his growing need for her. When a poorly-planned escapade on her part forces Thorton’s hand, though, she discovers that Thorton’s earlier warnings were true, and instead of a hot one night stand she now has a mate for life. A completely dominant mate for life who is fully prepared to take her in hand.

Penny soon learns that while Thorton would give his life for her without hesitation, he will not put up for a second with her bratty behavior or her defiant attitude, and that when she misbehaves badly enough, a long, hard, bare-bottom spanking might only be the beginning of her troubles. She also finds that sex with Thorton will not be on her terms, and that nothing she experienced back on earth could prepare her for the heights of pleasure – and the utter red-faced embarrassment – that come with Thorton taking her in ways she could never have imagined.

Publisher’s Note: Learning to Blush is an erotic novel that includes both consensual and non-consensual spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, exhibitionism, elements of medical play and BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Here are some convenient links for buying the book or looking at it more closely.

Blushing Books


Thanks so much for joining me and my readers here today, Korey! I’m sure we’ll see many more great books from you in the coming months and years. ~~ Trish


  1. Hey, Kor! I’m in the middle of the book now, and for me, the kinkier elements were definitely out of my comfort zone, but as I continued to read, I found that uh, erm…perhaps they…were not.

    Sigh. Off to read more.

    • Lol! Well, if you made it through the half-way point, I think you’ll make it all the way ’till the end. I think the kinky stuff peaks on chapters 4 and 16… and maybe 10-11 whenever I wrote that med-play scene, but as far as med-play scenes go, it’s mild (since it was my first attempt at it). You’re so sweet for reading it! 🙂 Huuuugs!

  2. Great interview Korey. I think you’re right, Being a spanko can definitely just be the first step into a whole new world. How lucky we are now that we don’t have to pour over the backs of romance novels trying to find the one that might contain a spanking. Most of those alpha male blurbs were such a tease!

    • Oh, I know. There’s nothing worse than reading a romance that is absolutely perfect for having one or two spankings, yet nooo. Don’t get me wrong; I read a lot of main-stream romance novels… Mostly because of my addiction (so, not I listen to mainstream more than I actually read it), but it’s always a let-down. Alpha males are absolutely delicious wherever they come and however they’re served, though… But it’s like they serve a perfect sundae and forget the cherry on top!! 🙂

  3. Great post! Two favorite quotes:

    “Many people think they’re interested in one thing, when they’re really interested in something bigger.”

    “I’ve given up on writing the next great American novel that my future kids will read in their high-school English class.”

    • Lol–I tell ya, nothing can depress family more than telling them that you never plan on writing that “great novel of the 21st century.” I recall lots of people in college thinking that erotica writers were sell-outs, BUT they didn’t know what they were talking about. As you you know (because you write it too), rotica’s not easy; the genre can really be a way to explore all sorts of excellent issues on its own regard, it can provide a great soapbox, even. Sure, they never make it into the Norton’s Anthology, BUT were less likely to commit suicide or overdose–I think we’re a happy people, and normally we’re not poor or lonely, either, unlike the tradition of great renown writers dictate. 🙂

  4. Yeah, spanking was the gateway drug for me. My husband fears it’s a rabbit hole that once I’ve gone down, I just keep going further and further…

  5. Very good insight about fetishism, Korey. I agree that there are so many possible directions one can go from a simple spanking. I am still new in the DD realm, but at least can admit honestly, that I am a spanko. 🙂 And some of the other stuff intrigues me. But first I have to get Mr.Vanilla on board (AKA hubby). 🙂
    I can’t wait to read your book. Great excerpt.

    • Lol– nobody’s vanilla-vanilla. I like to think of everyone as Dairy Queen blizzards, at least–you know, vanilla with tasty candy thrown in. I bet you can find Mr. Vanilla has a few things swirled in. You’ll find it, and then you can use that to get him to do your stuff. Hubby’s are great that way–most of them just want to give us our fantasies, and if we’re lucky, they might come to enjoy it, too. Keep us posted on your blog about all that good stuff!!

  6. What a wonderful introduction to kink of all kinds. I’d never heard of some of the “plays” you mention, Korey, but they sound fascinating. And your blurb for Learning to Blush shows that this book is going to be one wild ride as well. Congratulations on its release! It sounds like a winner.

    • Thanks so much, Jenna! But yep–I love keeping things on the spicy side!!! You know what they say about food (and food and sex–they’re so similar, really, in a million ways 🙂 ): You gotta try to see whether or not you like it!

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