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hermysterydukeHer Mystery Duke is an excellent novel with a believable heroine and good plot development. I enjoyed the erotic aspects of the book, and found the characters to be human but romanticized in the best possible way. The heroine is not a waif, but a full-figured young woman, whose life experiences before meeting the hero shape her, eroding her confidence in her own talents. Her desire is to write, but she’s afraid she’s only cut out for the meanest of lives. She can be frustrating to the reader, making you want to shake her and say, “You’re better than that!” But that kind of emotional involvement is exactly what the author is trying to achieve.

The hero is hunky, but believable. He’s masterful, experienced, and not quite perfect. His interest in BDSM is appropriate to the time period of the novel. Their erotic play is totally consensual, sexy and satisfying.

And never fear, there’s a happy ending waiting for you.

I love Natasha Blackthorne’s books. Her work stands out among historical erotic romance writers. I highly recommend this book.

Her Mystery Duke is a M/F, BDSM (lite), erotic romance, set in the Regency period in England.
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  1. I love the sound of this one! I recently read my first book by her and loved it. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great review, Trish. This really caught my attention. I will be tbr’ing this as well. thanks so much!

  3. This certainly sounds like a winner, Patricia! Thank you so much for introducing this new-to-me author. I’ve not read a Regency with BDSM elements, so I’m really looking forward to this treat.

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