#SatSpanks – Miss McGillicutty Smokes

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Saturday Spankings

Here are my 8 sentences (well, a couple more really short sentences kinda round out the scene) for you today. ra2studio / 123RF Stock PhotoThis is from Teaching Miss McGillicutty. In this segment, college student, Kathy McGillicutty, has goofed up and gone back to smoking. Professor Hal Emory is making his displeasure known.

“What happens when you smoke?”

“Ouch! Ouch! I get spanked!”

“Exactly. Like this.” A quick succession of spanks brought tears to her eyes, but something funny was going on. Kathy’s middle was squirmy, uncomfortable. It felt like butterflies were flitting around in her pelvis and her breasts, particularly her nipples, began to ache.

“I’ll try harder! I will!”

Smoking is bad, bad, bad. Spanking is good, good, good. Or so Kathy is discovering.

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