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Saturday Spankings

Here are my 8 sentences (well, a couple more really short sentences kinda round out the scene) for you today. ra2studio / 123RF Stock PhotoThis is from Teaching Miss McGillicutty. In this segment, college student, Kathy McGillicutty, has goofed up and gone back to smoking. Professor Hal Emory is making his displeasure known.

“What happens when you smoke?”

“Ouch! Ouch! I get spanked!”

“Exactly. Like this.” A quick succession of spanks brought tears to her eyes, but something funny was going on. Kathy’s middle was squirmy, uncomfortable. It felt like butterflies were flitting around in her pelvis and her breasts, particularly her nipples, began to ache.

“I’ll try harder! I will!”

Smoking is bad, bad, bad. Spanking is good, good, good. Or so Kathy is discovering.

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  1. Smoking is bad bad bad … But it does get her what she’s discovering is reeeealy good! Nice snippet!

  2. I am loving the snippets from this book, Trish.
    Trading one addiction for another…now that is something that can work ;P And as aversion therapy goes, this is quite interesting. I doubt the spankings themselves will make her quit though…but maybe

    • Smoking is such a tenacious addiction, I think it takes spankings plus some grit and determination to overcome it. I’m glad you’re enjoying the excerpts! Thanks for coming over.

  3. “something funny was going on” indeed. Poor Kathy…I wonder if she’ll learn her lesson? 🙂

  4. Great snippet and you totally cracked me up with the “smoking is bad bad bad, spanking is good good good”!!

  5. Mmm spanking is good, good, good. Wait, what were we talking about? 😀 Lovely snippet.

  6. Great snippet Trish. I don’t think it’ll stop her smoking though. Might make her smoke to get a spanking 🙂

    • Kathy is an amazing girl–always able to find a reason to be spanked, whether it’s intentional or not. Glad you could come by, Constance!

  7. I like that she felt butterflies in her tummy.

    • I was hoping for realism, and lots of women have butterflies when confronted with confusing situations or sexy moments. I’m glad you picked up on that. Thank you for dropping in.

  8. I think Kathy’s going to sneak a smoke in now and again just to get a spanking, but one of these days it’s going to backfire and her bottom WILL really be on fire.Great snippet.

  9. I think she will quit smoking as she’s becoming addicted to something else entirely!

  10. I don’t think her punishment is going to stop her from smoking.

  11. I love that she’s realizing she likes being spanked!

    • It’s a trope I like to use. I think it softens the edges a bit, and it’s something I can relate to as well. Glad you could stop by, Casey.

  12. I’m with Cara on this one: more smokers need to be spanked. But spanking is – as you’ve pointed out – erotic for some of us. And that makes it interesting.

    • There’s an erotic spanking and then there’s the kind that make your toes curl for another reason. Kathy gets both in this book. Thank you for coming by!

  13. Maybe all those people who tried to kick the habit but failed need a spanking. Like your idea.

  14. Great scene, Trish. Kathy is definitely learning her lesson about smoking, but she’s discovering something else about herself, too.

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