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Cover: Deuce's DancerJourney's ValentineRecently, I was thrilled to find out that writer Katherine Deane had made a connection with Pilar Perez Journey of Deuce’s Dancer and Journey’s Valentine. She felt close to this character, empathetic, and emotionally touched. This is a writer’s dream come true because that’s what we’re shooting for when we write.

I hope you’ll take a look at Katherine’s Connections and see if you felt the same way when you encountered Pilar in the books. I’d love to hear about it, why you did, or why you didn’t.

Thank you, Katherine Deane, and thank you to all my readers who touch me in quiet ways.



  1. Great post on Katherine’s blog. Pilar is a character I think a lot of women can relate to and admire. Great job of writing her, Patricia!

  2. Thanks, Trish!
    I can’t wait to read the next one!

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