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Saturday Spankings

On your mark, get ready, get set, it’s……….Saturday Spankings time! Woohoo! This is the weekend hop that brings you 8 naughty sentences from a splendid group of spanking fiction writers. Follow the links below this post to hop around to your heart’s content.

Cover: Under WrapsThis segment is from a tense scene from my historical romance novel, Under Wraps. This book is several years old and still has some old-fashioned production values, but the story is quite sound, especially if you like your romance spicy, your heroines quirky, and tall, dark, handsome, Hispanic, dominant, and mysterious heroes.

Glee Montrose is in a pickle with the man she loves, Alejandro Pacheco. She’s done something that makes him look dishonorable and he’s none-too-thrilled about it.

“My word is ruined by this.”

Hot tears gathered in her eyes. “I’m sorry. I’m terribly sorry.”

He stalked to her and took her by the shoulders, narrowing his hot golden eyes down at her. “Rudy is right, I should spank you for being so horrible!”

She squirmed to break his hold. “Alex-“

He let her go abruptly. “But I am too angry, right now!

Even all those years ago, quite a few years before this book was published, I thought a spanking for misbehavior was a very effective thing. However, I didn’t want my hero less than calm, cool, and collected for it. A word of warning: this book is a more traditional historical romance, very sexy, but not a spanking romance per se. Don’t want you to buy a pig in a poke here.

Here are some buy links: New Dawning International Bookfair,, All Romance eBooks (least expensive alternative – all formats), Smashwords, or BookStrand.

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  1. This is a wonderful snippet! Poor girl. Thank goodness she has a man willing to calm down a little first.

  2. Before I found actual spanking fiction, finding a spanking reference in a traditional romance was like finding gold. I loved this snippet Trish!

  3. of course I always love a historical romance spanking!!!! And I like a hero who knows he needs to calm himself first…

  4. Mmm, I love me a historcial romance!

  5. I agree. A cool head is better for spanking.

  6. A well rounded look at a life-style that comes with directed quandary and emotion and your words tell the world that in that consent is trust and faith that brings safety too… power in a short verse here… ☀

  7. I like his style: never spank when you’re angry. Spanking is about punishment, sure, but it should be enjoyed by all. I love your work, my dear.

  8. I love when the hero is understanding of his anger and will not punish until he calms down. The perfect hero:)

  9. I love love that he told her he wanted to spank her but needed to wait. True sign of love while remaining dominant. Yum!

  10. I would definitely not call Under Wraps anything short of wonderful. Especially if you love historicals like I do. True, the spanking theme is not a major part of the story, but the dominant male certainly shines loud and clear. And sexy. Loved this book and wish you would write more historicals! Very intense 8!

  11. Yes, I can see his dominance in this short snippet. *Nods approvingly*

  12. What the heck is a pig in a poke, Patricia? I like the snippet and would like to understand that saying please.

  13. Ooh, I love dominant Hispanic men, and I especially liked the fact he held off because he knew he was too angry at the moment. Great snippet, Trish. Sometimes just the threat of spanking is enough to make me wilt.

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