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Welcome! I love sharing sexy snippets of my work with you, but sometimes I’m in a quandary about which book to share. As of last week, I’ve got 20 published novels and novellas! For today, I thought I’d go with something outré – I hope you don’t mind.

This set of sentences is from my very first eBook. It is a re-edited version of my 1993 book, Distant Love by A. L. Reine (long out of print). It was subsequently sold as an eBook to Renaissance E Books and came out in 2002. The book was retitled, Four Part Hermony. That alternate spelling for “harmony” is on purpose, not a typo. This book is all about women falling in love with women. (I told you it was a little outré.)

The eBook consists of four erotic short stories, set in different locales and even historical settings. The cover is a little crazy, but aside from that, it’s a sexy book to enjoy in a private moment.

Here’s a taste of my favorite story in the book, “Not a Private Dick.” “Not a Private Dick” is set in Los Angeles, 1948. In this segment, hard-as-nails private detective Jane Carter is hired to guard spoiled society girl, Lynette Frederickson. They clash badly, but eventually, Jane simply can’t resist the gorgeous red-head.

Cover: Four Part Hermony

Her mouth crashed down on Lynette’s with ferocious intent. Her tongue shooting past half-open lips to taste the nectar of the beauty’s kiss.

Lynette resisted only another second before she, slowly, began to return the thrusts of her protector’s tongue.

If you want something different, get yourself a copy of Four Part Hermony. It’s not a book of schoolgirl fantasies.

Thank you for joining me for Horny Hump Day this week. Please stop by all the Horny Hump Day authors’ sites for more sexy fun and games.

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