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Saturday Spankings

It’s time for Saturday Spankings…do you know where your paddles are?

Cover: Correcting KathySo much spanking, so little time. I won’t waste yours with a lot of preliminaries. Here’s a post-spanking tidbit from my most recent release, Correcting Kathy, now available at all the best retailers, including Blushing Books, and recognized in USA TODAY’s online HEA section.

This week, Kathy’s wearing her St. Patrick’s Day panties. I hope you find it amusing!

It seemed like her legs were a little wobbly when she stood, although that could have been her clothes around her knees. She took a hobbled step back, one more, and then cartwheeled her arms, knocking several books off the coffee table as she fell over on her tush. She looked surprised, followed by embarrassed. Hal helped her up, trying not to smile at her antics. Once she was firmly on her feet, she pulled up her panties and pants and put the books back on the table, making a big show of dusting them off.

Hal hid his smile over the Irish panties as they disappeared behind her jeans. They really were cheeky and so very Kathy.

123rf: 18663843_sI don’t know about you, but I’ve felt like falling down after a spanking a time or two. Here are some Correcting Kathy links, in case you want a fresh, funny, sexy, spankalicious summer read.

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Your spanking’s over now. Pull up your pants and get ready for more fun.

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  1. fun, klutzy, and spunky… reminds me of me. LOL lovely excerpt, thanks for sharing!!!


  2. love her holiday panties!
    really enjoyed this book, Trish!

  3. I love the cartwheeling and the St. Paddy’s Day panties. Great excerpt, Trish.

  4. Being a little klutzy has a lot of charm, and I think it’s part of Hal’s attraction to the co-ed. That and her holiday panties! 🙂 Such a vivid scene. Great descriptive writing, Patricia. You always put me right in the book! Great job!

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