#HornyHDay – Ace’s Mustache Tickles

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It’s time for another Horny Hump Day! The weeks pass so quickly. This week Calgary is hosting the Calgary Stampede and I have family visiting, so I’m happy as a clam in sand.

Cover: Ace-High FlushFollowing on last week’s visit with the first book in the Journey family series, I’d like to share a little of book 2. The novella is called Ace-High Flush and tells the story of how Ace Journey and Gabriella Appleby get together. They’re introduced in book 1 (Liv’s Journey), but get their own story in book 2.

Here they are, sharing an erotic moment. I like the mustache part the best. 

Ace moved his lips down her chin and started kissing and nibbling on her breasts, and she pressed his face closer. Her head dropped back on her neck and she moaned as he pushed her breasts together and buried his face in her cleavage. His mustache tickled and scratched her sensitive flesh.

Thank you for joining me for this summertime Horny Hump Day. Don’t forget to hop around to all the other other Horny Hump Day blogs.

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  • That’s an exquisitely erotic encounter! Years ago, I heard the term “Hungarian massage” for an erotic/sensual massage performed with a man’s beard. A massage with a moustache is probably even more erotic, since the tickling hair is more concentrated and strategic.

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