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Saturday Spankings

Saturday Spankings Day arrives again with a wallop. Tie some tissue over your behind and get ready to get paddled! Ohhhhh, it won’t be that bad. I promise. 😉

Cover: Spanking Her HighnessI’ve been exploring the Journey family series over the course of July, and on Wednesday for Horny Hump Day, I started giving a peek into the third of the Journey books, Spanking Her Highness. This story is about how, third child, Queenie Journey, falls in love with her neighbor, Will Mazie. She’s quite the spitfire and spoiled brat, so it’s rather a tumultuous beginning.

Here’s a bit of her first spanking. Queenie has a problem with cussing and controlling her temper. Will won’t take any guff from her, warned her, and when she persisted at being a brat, he tossed her over his broad shoulder.

He swatted her sharply on the behind. Twice.

“You can’t spank me! I’ll shoot you! You just see if I don’t.”

Two more spanks on her denim-clad rear and she squawked and flailed. He didn’t drop her, and maybe she was a little glad for that. It was a long way down. But she was pissed off something fierce and wasn’t going to go to her punishment without a fight.

As you can see, Queenie has a lot to learn. Please come back tomorrow (Sunday, July 21) and help me celebrate my birthday. I’m giving away a copy of Correcting Kathy to one entrant who leaves a comment on my post for that day.


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Cover: Correcting Kathy

Thanks for SatSpanking with me today. Here’s a hop helper:


  1. Great sentences, Trish. I laughed out loud when she threatened to shoot him. Hm…I’ve never thought of that one before:) Happy Birthday again:)

  2. How awesomely John Wayne-Maureen O’Hara-esque. BTW, happy birthday.

  3. I love a sassy heroine!!

  4. I love the over the shoulder carry, but I especially love the detail of “over her denim-clad rear”- it can’t hurt that much but oh is she fighting 😀

  5. The fighting definitely makes it better!!!

  6. Gotta love one who fights back 😀

  7. There’s something about that over the shoulder stance and added spanks that just breeds the erotic for a spanking lover… and add the banter of the two and this feels so alive in my mind… I loved this… ✺

  8. The way he lifts her over his shoulder is just so masterful and “no-nonsense”-ish. Yummy. Makes me want to be in her shoes!

  9. Great snippet Trish. She might be fighting him but she’s building trust already. Even if it is just because he didn’t drop her. Happy Birthday for tomorrow !

  10. Yes, who wouldn’t be fierce? The fighting makes it better, sometimes.

  11. I like Renee’s comment as well. Queenie is definitely a handful, but Will knows exactly how to handle her. Wonderful snippet for a truly great book, Trish. And I’ll make a point to drop by tomorrow as well. Happy early birthday.

  12. Happy early birthday!! Great snippet– I love that she’s partly worried he’ll drop her, even as she fights him!

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