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Saturday Spankings

OMG! (No, I’m not quoting that book series that shall not be named.) It’s Saturday Spankings day, and I’ve never, ever, introduced you spankos to Deuce’s Dancer. What have I been thinking?!

Cover: Deuce's DancerDeuce’s Dancer is the fourth in the Journey family series, brought to you by Blushing Books. It tells the story of Deuce Journey and how he falls in love with his gorgeous Latina Jamaican fling. In this case, what happens in Jamaica doesn’t stay in Jamaica.

In this segment, his sweetie is giving an unconscious signal when Deuce mentions a spanking. She says no, but her gesture says something else entirely.

“A good spanking ought to do it.”

A variety of emotions crossed her face. Surprise. Confusion. Her cheeks got a little pink, and her nipples started to harden under her light, summer dress. And then she did something that made his cock twitch. The tip of her tongue snuck out and tested her lip. It was an unconscious gesture, but the sensuality it projected had him by the balls in a heartbeat.

The lady likes spankings.

Thank you for joining me here today for Saturday Spankings. If you want more of Deuce’s Dancer, I have several pages and character profiles waiting for you to look over. And, of course, the book is available on Amazon, B&N, Blushing Books and ARe.

Hop ’till you just can’t hop anymore!


  1. I love these guys!
    And I would have definitely had the same reaction.
    Great job, Trish!
    This is my favorite couple so far!

  2. Hot snippet Trish. I love that she gave herself away with a lick of her tongue 🙂

  3. Great excerpt! Yes, apparently the lady does like spankings:)

  4. ooh, love the tell-tale physical signals of arousal… yummmm.

  5. yum! love the snippet. To picture her tongue slipping out of her mouth. 🙂

  6. What a hot snippet! I just loved Deuce’s Dancer and the “had him by the balls in a heartbeat” is such a delicious line. Bravo, Trish!

  7. The sensuality and the lusty thoughts here are so fluent in your wording. And I would surmise that it has many “Readers by the Balls” here this day too… *smiles*

  8. “Had him by the balls in a heartbeat”—great line. Naughty and descriptive and just how a guy would describe it.

  9. Love this. That would certainly be my reaction.

  10. *wow* That was a hot snippet! Flowed nicely, and I like the end with the tip of her tongue. Very tasty, Trish

  11. Excellent description of an unconscious arousal.

  12. The lady does indeed love spankings. Nice snippet.

  13. Another sexy snippet, Trish. Deuce is my second favorite Journey man, and I love her reaction. Thanks for sharing.

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