Katie’s Birthday Spanking – Free Short Story

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My dear friend, Katie, asked me sweetly to give her a special birthday present: a daddy spanking. How could I resist? Following is Katie’s story. I hope you’ll enjoy it, too. Please note: this in no way involves spanking children and is meant for adult audiences. There’s no sex in it (of course), but it does involve a father spanking an adult daughter,
which makes some people uncomfortable.

birthday balloons 16257197_sKatie’s Birthday Spanking
© copyright Patricia Green, 2013
All rights reserved.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

“What in the Sam Hill are you doin’, li’l girl?”

Katie looked over her shoulder at her father. As she had so many times over the years, she was comforted by his company. He was a stern parent, even though she was a mature adult now, but a loving one. He was marvelous with her children, showing them all the affection a grandfather could. It still wasn’t quite enough to make her day better.

“Hi, Daddy. I’m not doing anything.” She resumed popping her birthday balloons, unhappiness weighing her down.

“You surely are. Stop that!” His booted footsteps approached, and he took the pin out of her hand. “This is not the way a growed woman celebrates her birthday.”

Popping her birthday balloons might not be very mature, but she felt like being destructive. The day hadn’t gone as planned at all.

Her father sat down next to her and gave her a piercing look. His face was lined, his hair a dignified gray, and his eyes a warm, deep brown. He was about as dear to her as a man could be. Her first hero. “What’s wrong, honey?”

“I wanted David to be here.”

“He had to travel for work, and you know it. It couldn’t be helped.” His big, rough hand cupped her chin gently, turning her face toward him and away from the half-decimated birthday cake she was staring at.

“Yeah. Work.”

“You are bein’ plumb unreasonable, li’l girl.”

Katie turned away from him again, pouting. Her husband should have been there for her birthday. The party wasn’t the same without him. He especially should have been there to deliver her birthday spanking. That would have been the best part of the day, as far as she was concerned. Yes, it was a bit perverse, but she didn’t care, and David was a good sport about it. In fact, he was getting into it slowly over time. But it wasn’t going to happen for this birthday.

“I don’t care,” she said, petulantly. “Leave me alone, Daddy.”

“So you c’n pout in peace? Not likely.” He was sounding rather irritated, but this was about her not him. She picked up the pin from off the table where he’d put it, and began popping balloons again. “I said, stop that,” her father reiterated. “Get your sorry ass up outta that chair and act like the growed woman you are.”


“No? Is that any way to talk to your Daddy?”

The stern note in his voice reminded her of when she was a younger woman, acting out, being defiant, and getting a lickin’ in return. Of course, now she was over thirty. It was rather absurd to imagine he’d spank her again.

“Leave me be,” she told him, her chin jutting out a bit. “If I want to pop my balloons, I will. If I want to pout, there’s nothing you can do to stop me. I’m a grown woman, Daddy. Not your little girl.”

“Heh,” he said. “Not my li’l girl? I’ll show you just how much you are my li’l girl. Don’t matter how old you are. Don’t matter how many grandbabies you give me. Don’t matter that you’re married. You will always be my li’l girl.” He took her by the elbow and pulled her from the chair.


“You got a spankin’ comin’ to you. Your poutin’ and broodin’ will stop.”

She pulled away from him and took a step back. It looked like…no…but, yes, it looked like he was serious! This was not the kind of birthday spanking she had been daydreaming about. “You can’t spank me,” she told him. “You can’t.”

“Don’t you be tellin’ me what I can and cannot do.” He looked around, making sure they were alone, Katie thought. It was a good thing they were, if he really intended to warm her backside.

They wrestled a bit, but Katie wasn’t going to gainsay her father past a point. He was her daddy, and all that little girl affection was too deep a bond to be broken, no matter how humiliating the situation became. “Daddy, stop!” But he didn’t stop. He sat down in his recently vacated chair and pulled her over his lap. Katie struggled, but he yanked her sweat pants down to her knees, followed by her panties. Embarrassment washed over her. She hadn’t been bare-bottomed in front of her father for years. There was nothing untoward about his behavior, but oh it was so humiliating. She was a grown woman, for goodness sakes!

“You’ll get what you deserve, and nothin’ less,” he told her.

Out of the corner of her eye, Katie saw him raising his hand and she cringed. All the memories of spankings in the past came rushing back. She knew this was going to hurt. And sure, enough, that first swat hurt like the dickens. The next four didn’t make matters any better. Her father’s hard, hard hand was like a paddle against her bare cheeks.

“Ouch! Daddy, stop! I won’t pout anymore. I promise!”

“You surely will not,” he agreed. “And I aim to make damn sure of it.”

More spanks landed, and still more after that. Katie struggled, until he pinned down her scissoring legs with one of his own. Katie tried to cover her fiery bottom with her hands, but her father grabbed her wrists and held her hands at the small of her back. He was relentless, and with each new swat, Katie got closer and closer to tears. Her hair hid her face behind a dirty-blond veil, but she knew she was red-faced with temper and humiliation. She squeezed her brown eyes closed, trying to prevent those first droplets from forming, but the spanking continued and her bottom was screaming in pain. She gasped at a particularly hard strike where her cheeks met her thighs, and then the waterworks came. Katie sobbed and let go of all that pent-up frustration. Her husband’s untimely business trip, chasing the kids around on her special day, the usual craziness of her family’s presence in her home, all of that came to the fore and left her gasping and crying as though her world had fallen apart.

Her daddy spanked her harder, the blows following the curve of her bottom and landing on her tender thighs.

“Ow! Oh, please, Daddy! Please stop!” The words barely made it past the blubbering wet noises she couldn’t control.

“This here hot bottom is gonna remind you to act like a growed woman, not a naughty li’l girl. I ain’t gonna tolerate it.”

“Yes, sir! Yes! I’ll be good, I promise.”

The spanking stopped, and he released her. “Now pull up your clothes and be decent.”

Sniffling, choking on her tears, Katie did as she was told and righted herself. “I’m sorry,” she said.

He patted his lap.

Katie knew what that meant: cuddles. It had been many years since she’d cuddled with her father. Oh there had been hugs aplenty, but a real cuddle hadn’t happened for such a long time. Katie realized how much she craved that affection from him. She sat, gingerly, in his lap and felt his strong arms wrap around her. Resting her head on his shoulder, she played with the hem of her t-shirt as her sniffles abated a little. “I really am sorry, Daddy.”

“It’s over, li’l girl. Don’t let me catch you actin’ the child again, though. When David’s not around, I’m the one to discipline you. You hear?”

“Yes, sir.” She had heard. Her poor bottom had done the listening for her. It had been cathartic, however painful it was. Katie felt better about her birthday and loved her father even more.

Happy birthday, Katie!

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