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Saturday Spankings

Are you slap-happy yet? It’s Saturday Spankings, get your padded panties on quick!

My sentences of sparky spanking come from one of my earliest books, Four Part Hermony, published in 2002 by Renaissance E Books. It’s a single-author anthology, consisting of F/F stories exclusively. Although I don’t write F/F anymore, I still love the genre and want it to thrive.

Cover: Four Part HermonyThis segment is from “Distant Love” (a rewrite from my very 1st published paperback). In this story, Leah and Ranelle are lovers, separated by geography. Leah writes (1st person) a letter to Ranelle recounting times they’ve had together and masturbating to her memories. In this bit, she’s recalling the moment when Ranelle first takes her over her lap.

“I said, ‘I’m sorry, lover. It won’t happen again.’ You smiled. ‘That’s right, it won’t. I’m going to make sure you don’t forget.’ You pulled at my arms. ‘Lie across my lap, Leah. I’m going to spank you like the bad girl you are, and then I’m going to fuck you ’till you forget all about Ed and everything else.’

“I didn’t want to be spanked. I hadn’t even been spanked as a child, so the idea was foreign to me. But I wanted to please you, Ranelle.”

Little secrets between lovers are piquant.

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  1. Love the first person letter! But its such a tease…I want to know the details behind the recall ;o)

  2. I loved the intimacy of the written letter, Trish!
    Great job!

  3. I love reading an author’s earlier works. This certainly doesn’t disappoint. It was lovely Trish 🙂

    • Thanks, Mary Sue. I appreciate you stopping by. By the way, I tried to comment on your blog but got an error message twice. Not sure it that was me, or you. You’re not the only blog I had this problem on for SatSpanks this week. It’s not happened before, and wasn’t consistent, so I can’t be certain what it is. But I visited!

  4. Lovely excerpt. I’m sure the spanking will be worth it just to get to the part where Ranelle makes Leah forget about this Ed fellow:)

  5. You can write anything, can’t you? Fantastic! Very nice.

  6. I’m going to spank you like the bad girl… What did she do? Nice snippet but I need to know more.

  7. It’s a shame people don’t write real letters any more. So lovely and intimate. Much better than text speak.

  8. You’ve been writing a long time, and excellently I might add.

  9. You know that I love F/F, Patricia, and this snippet has me hot and curious. I’ll have to find out more! I like that she’s never been spanked, and is willing to explore that side of her life with her girlfriend.

    • Leah would do nearly anything for Ranelle. They have a very deep love for one another, though Leah does sometimes test Ranelle’s limits. Glad you could join me, Alice.

  10. Had no idea you used to write F/F or that you’d been writing that long!

    • I started with F/F, though my first unpublished book was M/F sci-fi with BDSM overtones. I have always maintained that you write what the readers want to read. Writing is a small business, as much an art form and a craft. Thanks for coming by, Cara.

  11. I don’t know what it is about memories of spanking that make the current scene hotter, but it’s like magic!

  12. Wow 2002. I didn’t know there were spanking books in 2002! At least not beyond the Blue Moon anonymous ones I dared to pick up at the book store! Nice snippet Patricia.

    • Well, I don’t think the book could be strictly considered a “spanking book” but it does have several spankings, and some BDSM. It’s a cornucopia of F/F dreams. Thanks for dropping in.

  13. Very sweet and intimate, as letters often are. Delicious snippet!

  14. sighs… love it… wanting to please 🙂 so pretty

  15. Yes, Kathryn, it does leave the reader curious. I want to know who Ed is now.

  16. Makes me wonder what Leah did to deserve Ranelle’s displeasure. Since Ranelle claims she’s going to make Leah forget about Ed, methinks the gentleman was involved in some way. Intriguing snippet, Trish. Leaves the reader curious, which is always a good thing.

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