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Saturday Spankings

Hello! Do I know you? Have I seen you at Saturday Spankings before? What’s your sign? Ahem. No, this is not a spanko pick-up bar. It’s the Saturday Spankings blog hop. At each stop you get 8 sentences of spanking fun, so belly up to the virtual bar and have a shot of pure spanking goodness.

Cover: Kiki's MillionaireThis week, I’m sharing some excerpts from Kiki’s Millionaire, my very first all spanking, all the time, spanking romance. It was published first as a serial on Bethany’s Woodshed, and then published to the great wide world by Blushing Books. Another segment of the book was posted for Horny Hump Day this week. You can find it here, and of course there are details and a longer excerpt available on my site.

In this segment, Kiki has faked being sick because she’s avoiding Jim. Rather than telling him she needs a little time, she makes up a very elaborate lie. Jim is not the kind of guy who likes being lied to, and this is one of those cases when saying “I’m sorry” isn’t good enough.

“I think a little corporal punishment is in order.” He unbuckled his belt and slid it from the loops.

Feeling a sense of guilt mixed with an annoying tingle of anticipation down in her nether regions she thought about trying to talk him out of it. “Now, Jim…”

With a firm yank on her upper arms, he soon had her over his knees. Suddenly, this seemed entirely too familiar. He pushed her robe up over her behind, then pulled down her pajama bottoms; they were so big and baggy, they practically slid down on their own.

“But, I said I was sorry!”

I’ll leave the rest for you to read on your own. 🙂

Hop along for more fun:


  1. Love the belt being pulled through the loops. Nice scene!

  2. ooh, my belly drops every time a belt gets pulled out of the belt loops! you have me quivering!

  3. It’s funny isn’t it, being sorry doesn’t ever seem to have much effect lol I’m betting the belt is going to make her even sorrier 🙂

  4. I so love Kiki! And I think very shortly she’s going to be a whole lot sorrier! Fantastic book, Trish. Is there a sequel to it any time soon, by chance? Didn’t Jim have a brother? Hint, hint. 🙂 I’d love for you to continue with these characters, like you did in the Journey series. Very fun snippet!

    • You are so sly, Jenna. Yes, there’s a sequel coming up. I just wrote Cal Chesterfield’s story (he’s Jim’s younger brother). No pub date yet and it’s still in editing.

  5. Oh what a picture you paint… great fun. Loved this book.

    • Although it wasn’t the first book I ever wrote, it was the first “spanking romance” for me. It was a lot of fun and quite educational. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  6. This was the first book of Patrica’s that I read, and it’s stuck with me. I really kinda’ fell in love with Jim while reading it. I could explain why, but not without spoilers.
    “But, I said I was sorry.” Kiki is just so cute.

  7. Ooh, lying is one of the great no-no’s. I want to know how he caught her out. Did guilt prompt her to confess, or did he discover her deception on his own? I have this one already, now I need to move it up in my TBR pile. Really naughty of you to leave us all hanging like that. Bad, bad, girl, but wonderful snippet.

  8. fun lines 🙂 love her sorries 😀

  9. Ack! The belt. OMG. That always gets me.

    LOVE the cover!

  10. You know, when he slides the belt from the loops, you don’t need any more sentences to go with it…beautiful.

  11. Mmm, I loved the belt pulling through the loops.
    Such a wonderful visual!
    I bet she won’t ie to him anymore 😉
    Great job, Trish!

  12. “But I said I was sorry”–something about that last attempt to avoid the spanking really ratchets up the hotness. Lovely, Patricia!

  13. The slid of the belt through the loops sends a shiver of anticipation through every spankees heart… and other parts which we’ll leave name less. Yummy snippet. My Jim is upstairs…. hm, maybe I can take a little break from SatSpanks. 🙂

    • Didn’t you know? All Jims wait for this kind of opportunity. I mean, just remember Jim Kirk from Star Trek — you don’t think Yeoman Rand got a red behind a time or two, do you?

  14. Sometimes its a little too haha

  15. “He unbuckled his belt and slid it from the loops.” I’m literally licking my lips as I read that part…so evocative

  16. “But I said I was sorry”… doesn’t that always fix things? Apparently not, great snippet.

  17. PJs and spanking go together like PB & J! Love your cover!

  18. If only saying “sorry” could fix everything! Great setup, and great way to leave your readers hanging.

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