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Saturday Spankings

We’re all hopping around today. Can’t miss those Saturday Spankings!

This week, as many of you know, The Winner: Romantek Book One was released and hit the top 100 on Amazon under Romance/Time Travel. It was there for several days, I’m happy to say. I hope you’ll allow me to share a little more from this fun book with you. Maybe it’ll convince you that a little sci-fi, erotic, spanking, romance is in your future.

Cover: The Winner: Romantek Book OneIn this segment, we’re visiting with our couple’s nemesis, Rosemary-the-saloon-girl. Rosemary has already caused trouble for White Star, and seems bent on causing more. Her boss at the saloon is savvy and sees what she’s up to. She gets a spanking and a lecture and a threat as a result. Here’s a bit of the spanking.

Mitch pushed her skirts, necessarily short, up over her behind and sat in contemplation for a moment.

It was too short a moment, as far as Rosemary was concerned. He made one small smack on her left cheek—Mitch was left-handed—getting his aim straight, but that was immediately followed by several hard, strong slaps on that cheek. Rosemary gasped. The pain was nasty, stinging her beleaguered flesh smartly, before Mitch moved his strikes to her right cheek. Those, too, were stingers. The spanking continued, left cheek, right cheek, and right in the middle of both. Those hurt the worst, and soon enough, Rosemary was crying out with each spank. Once she started wailing, Mitch began his lecture.

Rosemary doesn’t learn from this lesson, though she really ought to. See what other trouble she gets into in The Winner: Romantek Book One.

The Winner: Romantek Book One is available at Blushing Books (all formats), and,,, and

Hop along and find more to add to your TBR stack!

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  1. Nicely written. I love that the lecture kicks ib when the pain hits.

  2. Congrats on top 100!! I smiled at the lecture not beginning till she started wailing, too!

  3. Oh my, those were stingers- to be sure. I could almost feel them myself!

  4. So wonderful. Beleaguered is such a great word!

    • Ah, vocabulary. You never know if you’re making the reader find a dictionary or not. I try not to do that, but sometimes, there’s a perfect word! Thanks for joining me for #SatSpanks, Emily.

  5. I love that last part…’Once she started wailing’. This will go on my TBR list for sure;)

  6. Love this snippet and that you wrote she didnt learn her lesson, despite the stinging spanking, wailing and lecture. She’s more than feisty I take it.

  7. Congrats on the top 100! WOOT! Sounds fun, I love saloon girls!

    • If you really love saloon girls, you’d love The Devil of Whiskey Row, by Renee Rose. She does saloon girls brilliantly. Glad you could be here, Normandie.

  8. The stingers aren’t enough… there’s always a lecture. Hopefully. like Cara said, all her wailing will drown him out.

  9. Congratulations on the top 100 Trish!
    Oh those dreaded lectures.. why is that most men never have very much to say until a woman is bent over their knee? ~giggles~
    Great snippet!

  10. Congrats on the new release. I never thought about a left handed spanker (and I’m left handed). Great detail.

  11. yum! I love the detail that Mitch is left handed, interesting! But reading the snippet in Rosemary’s voice is a treasure- her talk about the sting

    • It’s rare to find a left-handed spanker in fiction. I don’t know why that would be. Being left-handed isn’t common, but it’s not that UNcommon either. Thanks for dropping by, Joelle.

  12. I wonder if offering to take twice the spanking would take the place of the horrible lecture? I think it would be worth the try. Good snippet.

  13. Congratulations on your release and your spot on the 100 list! Fantastic! And from this excerpt I can see why! Great excerpt!

  14. I will take a spanking over a lecture any day!
    Loved this book, Trish!!
    Congrats on the release!

  15. Like Alice, I focused on the lecture too. I want to know what he says. I wonder if her wailing, will drown out his lecture.

  16. Of course, I love it all. But this sentence: “Once she started wailing, Mitch began his lecture,” was the one that made me smile. The dreaded lecture! Not as physically painful as the spanking, but torturous none the less. Beautifully written.

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