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Saturday Spankings

Saturday! Yes, it comes every week, and with it, Saturday Spankings! I know you’ve been too good to get your bottom smacked, but why not hop around and see who was naughty?

Cover: The Winner: Romantek Book OneThis week, for Saturday Spankings, I’m offering a little more from The Winner: Romantek Book One. It’s riding high, thanks to you and your friends. Please go to the Romantek page here on my blog and FB and Tweet using the “share” button (buy links there, too). You can take part in putting this book in the top spot. We’re all in this together; we can all celebrate little victories as a force to be reckoned with.

In this segment, Audrey is getting her second spanking from White Star. This time, it’s with his quirt. This is virtual reality with a distinct bite.

The first snap of the quirt made her cry out loudly and try to get away. She knew she’d been in the wrong. Knew she deserved punishment, but her instincts told her to flee as fast as she could. White Star’s firm grip on her middle kept her from getting away, though.

Her noises were lost in the sound of the whistling quirt followed by it snapping against her rear. Her feet hurt, her butt hurt, and soon she had a raging headache to go with it. And still the spanking went on. Her bottom felt welted, scored with the terrible whip.

Please stop by the Romantek page to FB and Tweet (it’s so easy!), and then hop along to the other Saturday Spankings participants. Enjoy your Saturday!

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  1. Intense, as Ruth says above; deeply evocative and affective. I love the way you convey so much with such economy. I love that Audrey’s “sounds were lost” – it leaves so much (all delicious) to the imagination.

  2. Ouch a quirt!!! I love it!

  3. I love the division into “bottom” and “middle.” Neat bit of style!

  4. Ouch. I’d be trying to get away too. Great scene Trish 🙂

  5. Loved this scene, Trish!
    I still don’t know what exactly a quirt is, but is sure sounded painful.
    Poor Audrey- a head ache and a booty ache!

  6. I love the detail in this, the assortment of hurts. great snippet

  7. Leigh Smith (aka Sunny Girl)

    Very descriptive and she has very good instincts.

  8. Very intense. Like the others I’m curious as to what she has done.

  9. I don’t know what a quirt is, but I love that it whistles! Sounds like such a hot book. I’ll tweet it for ya! (winks)

  10. Oh no, not a headache, poor girl. They say that sex is very good for headaches. ~winks~
    Tantalizing little snippet, Trish. Now I’ll have to read to find out what she’s done to deserve the quirt!

  11. I just love the idea of this book and i’m looking forward to reading it.

  12. A spanking and a headache? Poor girl.

  13. Great snippet, love the details 😉 I have a headache atm so I feel her pain 🙂 (more coffee!)

  14. Very harsh, I too wonder what what she has done. I guess I’ll have to read more.

  15. Now I’m wondering what she did to earn the quirt. Ouch! I’m going to have to squeeze in some me time this weekend to read. Nice snip, Trish!

  16. Great snippet. Looking forward to reading this one soon!

  17. What delicious descriptions and details in this snippet.

  18. Hot little snippet Patricia. I love the details, I swear I could hear it myself.

  19. Doesn’t sound like a “fabulous vacation” to me! LOL.

  20. “She knew she’d been in the wrong. Knew she deserved punishment, but her instincts told her to flee as fast as she could.”

    The body and the brain at odds with other…very well put, Patricia. So glad to see how well it’s doing.Congratulations.

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