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Welcome to Horny Hump Day! It’s a day meant for lovers — lovers of erotica, especially. Each of the writers on this hop will be sharing 3 sexy sentences, meant to toast your raisin bread. Today, I’d like to share one HHD tidbit from The Winner: Romantek Book One.

Cover: The Winner: Romantek Book OneIn this segment Audrey and White Star are in the woodshed. As you might expect, woodsheds don’t only hold wood. Sometimes, they hold something a lot more sexy. White Star doesn’t want to be drawn to Audrey; he’s suspicious of her. But he can’t help himself.

“Why you got to make me want you so much?”

With a strong shove, he was inside her, sliding though copious wetness to seat himself deep. It felt magnificent, so right and sensual.

woodshed 483620_s

You might be able to guess what happens next…or you might not. Take a look at the book and find out. Here’s a blurb and excerpt.

You can buy it on Amazon or the mother lode of spanking books, Blushing Books. Available now.

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  1. replays of the old catsup commercial “anticipation” played through my mind in answer to her question. very steamy this week.

  2. He doesn’t hold anything back in taking what he wants!

  3. A hot three sentences! Let me wanting to read more. XX

  4. Mmm, perfect!
    Very sexy, Trish!

  5. He’s very forceful, isn’t he? I wonder if his suspicions begin to wane after this? Sexy snippet!

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