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I’m having lots of fun with these kooky holidays. I hope you are, too. Today is none other than Plushy Day! Yes, that’s right, it’s a day for your favorite, furry, stuffed Teddy bears, or, in my case, my favorite plushy prairie dog and yeast microbe.

Prairie Dog Plushy, Jungle Explorer
Prairie Dog Plushy, Jungle Explorer

There doesn’t seem to be a specific origin for Plushy Day, except that some have speculated it started on a Saturday morning cartoon commercial. I can’t say for sure, but I have my suspicions focused on Christmas. The earliest known plushy was a Teddy bear made by Steiff in 1880, but you know simpler stuffed animals have been around much longer than that.

Yeast Microbe Plushy
Yeast Microbe Plushy

And plushies aren’t only for children! Heck no! I have several treasured ones, and most every woman I know owns at least one. What’s yours?



So, celebrate Plushy Day with your favorite soft, cuddly whatzit or whozit. And if you don’t have one, your special someone will do nicely.



  1. I love stuffed friends!
    But what exactly is a yeast microbe plushy?
    I am not familiar with that.
    Happy plushy day! 🙂

    • A “yeast microbe plushy” is a representation of a yeast microbe, the stuff that makes your beer and bread. They’re cute little buggers and geeky people like me want them as stuffed plushies. Of course, they’re kinda small for taxidermy, so a fuzzy handful is what we get. This one came from “Think Geek” a very fun online shop. I believe they have other microbes available there as well. At least they used to. I’ve had this one for several years.

      Thanks for coming by and commenting!

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