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Enchanted Times HopWelcome to Patricia Green Books, and the Enchanted Times Blog Hop, sponsored by BTS (Book and Trailer Showcase and BTSeMag) and Freya’s Bower. The grand prize is a $200 gift card, and all the authors are giving away something fun. Enter at every stop and see what you win! For my part, I’ll be giving away a $10 Blushing Books gift certificate. Blushing Books is the premier spanking romance book publisher in North America.

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Following the Enchanted Times theme, I’m introducing a new release, The Princess and the Huntsman, from Stormy Night PublicationsThe Princess and the Huntsman is an erotic adult fairy tale. Here’s a little info about the novel.

Though she was once as sweet as she is beautiful, since her mother’s untimely passing Princess Brandywyn seems to grow brattier with every passing year… until the day she is waylaid by a band of ruffians and dragged away into the forest. She is taken far from her home, but at last she is rescued from the outlaws by a simple huntsman named Tom and her life is changed forever.

Neither Tom nor anyone else will believe that a girl dressed in rags could be a princess, and without the slightest idea of how to get home, Brandywyn finds herself with no choice but to accept Tom’s offer to share his cottage. The feisty nineteen-year-old princess soon learns, however, that Tom will not stand for being treated as a servant. To her horror, Brandywyn discovers that arrogance will earn her a good, hard spanking on her bare bottom, and that more serious misbehavior will result in even more humiliating punishment.

In spite of his strict discipline, Brandywyn begins to feel things for Tom that she has never felt before… things that make her blush with shame. A princess should not dream of being stripped bare and taken long and hard by a commoner, yet dream of it she does. But what will her answer be if he asks for her hand, and what will come of them if her father finds her and returns her to the palace? Can a princess not only lust for a huntsman, but love him as well?

The Princess and the Huntsman is available now on, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance eBooks. If you like M/F, erotic fairy tales, where the heroine gets spanked and the love story is rich and ends happily ever after, you’ll love The Princess and the Huntsman. Take a look at this excerpt to get a feel for the story.

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  1. Loved the blurb! I am adding it to my TBR!
    Tom sounds like a sexy huntsman. 😉
    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!
    trb0917 at gmail dot com

  2. This is next on my to read list after the book I am currently in the middle of. I’ve heard really good things about the Princess & the Huntsman. I love the concept of course!

  3. Enjoyed reading the blurb for the Princess and the Huntsman, sounds like an intriguing story.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  4. Relationship between a princess and a commoner sounds interesting! 😀

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