Visit Me on Katherine Deane’s Blog Today Talking About Adult Fairy Tales

fairy tale forest and woman 12441891_sPre-script: The Princess and the Huntsman made it onto the Amazon Top 100 for Erotica today! The list changes all the time, so I don’t know how long it’ll stay there, but I’m about as jazzed as it’s possible to be. Thank you all for helping me get there. We did it together.

Today, I’m also delighted to report that I’m a guest on the wonderful Katherine Deane’s blog, Adventures in Romance. She’s got a great blog with stories and insights into the spanko life. I love going there as a reader, and I’m thrilled to go there as a writer.

My post today is about adult fairy tales. I discuss what they are, their components, and what can make them spanko special. There are also a summary and excerpt from my latest book, The Princess and the Huntsman which is a newfangled fairy tale for adults only.

Here’s a quote from my article:

Once upon a time, there were stories. Some of the stories had mystical, magical qualities. We call them “fantasy.” Other stories had love and sensuality. We call them “romance.” A few stories had stern household discipline. We call those “spankers.” Quite a lot of stories have morals and medieval themes. We call them, “fairy tales.” But, most amazing of all, some had all of these features. We call those, “fantasy, spanking romance, fairy tales.”

I hope you’ll pop over to Katherine Deane’s blog and read the rest of the article and take a look at her site. I guarantee you’ll have a few minutes of fun!