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woman retro 6819219_sI missed last week! Oh my goodness! I know you were wondering where I went. Well, I’ve been buried under a new MS. This one is really hard for me as it takes me into a new, more complicated area. Oh, it’s still spanking romance, but it also has quite a mystery and crime angle. Think about Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe and Mickey Spillaine’s Mike Hammer. If you love Bogie and Bacall, you’ll love, Eddie, My Love. But it won’t be done for awhile.

In the meantime, I’m happily enjoying the release of my latest, The Princess and the Huntsman. This book is an erotic fairy tale, with lots of spanking and romance. I hope you’ll take a peek at it here — I hope you’ll buy a copy! Now, you’re all saying, “duh.”

Here’s a little piece of The Princess and the Huntsman for Horny Hump Day. This scene is about Brandywyn and her huntsman, Tom.

Brandywyn tickled his belly, but unerringly followed the arrow of his narrow line of hair down to his erection. She did not pause there, but skirted it at the base and licked at his tight ballocks, and that made him moan. He wrapped her long hair around one of his fists and pulled her gently up where he wanted her to play.

Thanks for visiting me today. I hope you’ll return soon! In the meantime, you ought to visit all the Horny Hump Day authors. It’s the little hop with a lot of heartthrob.


  1. Very sexy! I love how they both get a chance to be in control.

  2. I’m reading this now, but haven’t gotten to this part. Can’t wait.

  3. Hot scene! She has Tom right where she wants him and now he’s got her in the same place. 🙂 Lots of satisfaction on the way it looks like. Loved this book, Trish! Just enough fairytale and a whole lot of erotic. Great job.

  4. Oh! Lucky Tom! I like the flow of “the arrow of his narrow line of hair down “. Nicely executed. this is my first bash at HHD and I’m having a lovely time.

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