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Saturday Spankings

Spank! Spank! Spank! Doesn’t that sound make the day that much brighter? It should, because it’s Saturday Spankings Day!

silhouette man woman dinner 17818991_sMy eight sentences come from my new book, soon to be released by Blushing Books: The Girl with the Thistle Tattoo. It tells the story of conservative Cal Chesterfield, who’s rather blown away by his serious attraction to a Goth chick. Unlucky in love up to this point, Cal decides to take a chance on Astraea.

Here’s my segment, wherein Cal and Astraea are talking about books. I’ll follow with the blurb.

“Gothic Horror? Sappy romances?”

She snorted her laugh. “Kinda. I read erotic romances with a…certain theme.”

Ah. Maybe that’s where this loose behavior came from. “Theme?”


“Might I ask what it is?”

“Spanking,” she whispered.

Astraea’s secret is out!

Here’s the blurb for The Girl with the Thistle Tattoo.

A thistle is a prickly beautiful thing. Dangerous when your skin is bare, and soothing when seen on the Scottish hillsides. Astraea is beautiful and dangerous as well—dangerous to Cal Chesterfield’s peace of mind. She’s been a wild child for years, delving into things foreign to Cal’s more conservative nature, but she appears to want to change. She needs to learn some self-respect and acknowledge that she’s more than a pretty plaything.

Cal wants to change too. He’s too staid, too conventional, and he’s been a failure at making relationships work. It is time for Cal to step out of the square box he’s built for himself and try something different, someone different. Astraea is a perfect change of pace. But can Cal really change and loosen up? More importantly, can Astraea calm down and find a way to love herself so that she can love another?

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  1. interesting 🙂 can’t wait to read it

  2. This snippet sounds like a couple of conversations I’ve had recently:) Love it!

  3. Me too! I read romances with a certain theme. This one is on my TBR. Cute snippet, Trish.

  4. I agree with Gemma. The blurb is perfect and the snippet is snappy. Look forward to reading your new release, Trish, as always.

  5. I hope my comment sticks this time!! I love the snippet, love that she just came out and its as almost easy – at least from the bit I read. Congrats on the soon to be release!

  6. The wild child and the conservative is such a good pairing. Great potential for conflict.

  7. I Love this Trish. Looks like they both have something they can teach the other 🙂

  8. Loved this!
    Great scene, Patricia!

  9. Perfect cadence on the revelation–so nicely done!

  10. When this comes out, I’m buying it. Excellent blurb and I love the tease you’ve given us this Saturday!

  11. Leigh Smith (aka Sunny Girl)

    Brave girl, she put it right out there. She knows what she wants. How could he not take a chance?

  12. And the name that was a B*&&% to write… Love the plot line… Love the h’s that are not your average beauty queens. That is what I was going for in Christmas Joy with my homeless gal, Joy. Can’t wait to read about Astraea.

  13. Hooked. Even before she said spanking… LOL

  14. I love that she just told him! Too many of us waited far to long to get to the good stuff.

  15. I love the dialogue, and the blurb pulls you right in. Great job!

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