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woman yay 11057286_sThere are so many interesting holidays in December, it’s hard to keep up. For example, tomorrow (December 10) celebrates the first US territory/state to give women the right to vote: Wyoming in 1869. Yes, that little-big state really came through for women’s rights. I think it’s a good thing to celebrate, because my vote means something to me and to all you ladies out there. In 1820, ratification of the 19th Amendment to the US constitution allowed women to vote in all states.

In Canada, it wasn’t until 1916 that women got the right to vote, starting in the Province of Manitoba. Much progress was made toward women’s property rights and right to earn the same wages for the same job before then, but it was a long, slow haul. In 1920 women gained the right to vote in Federal elections.

If you have the right to vote and you don’t, why not? So many people say that their vote “doesn’t count” but, you know, when too many people go with that logic, the tide is turned, rights can be lost, and equality is endangered.

Celebrate Women’s Suffrage Day with me. Women won a big battle in North America by getting this right. We ought to remember how hard that fight was and honor those women who went toe-to-toe against the men (and women) who opposed the idea.

Check out this wikipedia article about Women’s Suffrage, and this timeline of Women’s rights in Canada. They’re both fascinating and help you see how precious our rights are today.



  1. Great post, Trish! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. This column ROCKS!!! Women need to support women no matter what the issue is. Here in Virginia the conservative movement have reduced women to ‘chattel’ even trying to have women report to the police a miscarriage…I would have had to report 3 of them…who needs that type of ‘abuse’…Bravo Trish!

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