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Happy New Year!

May yours be healthy, happy and prosperous!

A Mouse in His Pocket Cover

Take a little time out of football and parades. Only ten minutes or so, and read all the the other Horny Hump Day blogs. They’ll start your new year off right!

I’d like to take one last look at A Mouse in His Pocket, today. The story ends on New Year’s Eve, with a touching happily ever after ending.

I shan’t explain this one. I think it’s self-evident, and if you want more details, you can read the whole short story right here on my blog. It’s free, and given in 2 chapters. The whole story is slightly less than 8,000 words.

She grabbed him and held him tight, raining kisses all over his face, loving the broad smile there, the bright shine of his eyes, his hair in her hands. She kissed him hungrily.

He returned her ardor, then pulled back a bit.

Have a romantic New Year with someone you love. Now hurry along…2014 is waiting for you!


  1. Very sweet scene between the two of them. Happy New Year!

  2. Aww, I loved it. Thank you for my New Year’s present! Happy New Year.

  3. Sweet snippet to begin the New Year! I loved A Mouse in His Pocket. Happy New Year, Trish!

  4. Mouse in His Pocket was such a cute story.

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