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Welcome to Horny Hump Day! Every Wednesday, it’s my pleasure to bring you three sexy sentences from one of my books or a WIP. Along with all the other Horny Hump Day authors, we’ll give you a mini-hop like no other. Hot, hot, hot!

This week, I’m going to take a new look at The Princess and the Huntsman. Did you know that it had a different working title? I still have to think about it before I type it out because I called it the other name for so long. This title works better, though.

princessandthehuntsman_fullIn this segment, Princess Brandywyn is peeping through a hole in the wall, watching the foreign man she believes to be a prince dallying with a servant woman. Brandywyn, innocent of men up to this point, is a little overcome.

The prince was mounting the woman next door. He got between her thighs and Brandywyn watched as he guided his pole into the woman until it was invisible to Brandywyn’s lascivious gaze. He began to move, and Brandywyn tried to imagine what the thick rod would feel like, pressing into her like her own fingers were doing.

Is this the prince for her?

Thank you for joining me here today for Horny Hump Day. Hop along to all the other participants’ blogs and have a quick look at some sizzling action.


  1. Ah, the lady is a bit of a voyeur, and it’s turning her on. I’ve a feeling she’s found her prince, who may be a huntsman. Love the snippet, Trish.

  2. Pretty Darn Hot! Brandywyn is getting an education all right. Don’t you just love to learn new things? 🙂

  3. Very hot snippet, particularly with the voyeurism. I love a good voyeuristic story.

  4. The imagination is a wonderful thing, and she’s putting hers to great use. Very sexy! XX

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