#SatSpanks – The Dreaded Leather Glove

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Saturday Spankings

You know you want it. Yes, you do. Some come on in and get your Saturday Spanking!

princessandthehuntsman_fullThis week, I want to share a new tidbit from The Princess and the Huntsman. You might be familiar with this book because you own it, or because you’ve read excerpts before. It’s been a best seller and in the Amazon Top 100 for erotica, so people are reading it, and (I hope) liking it. That’s pretty gratifying from my perspective.

In this segment, find out what happens when Brandywyn strays into danger and Tom finds out.

“I shall spank you for your ill behavior,” he pronounced. “I cannot trust you to behave rightly when I go away, and yet I must hunt to provide meat for our table and goods from the village. You must behave!”

“I shall. I promise, Tom. I shall never wander again. Please do not spank me.”

He stood and went to his chest in the corner, pulling out a leather glove. He slapped it once against his other palm, and Brandywyn realized that the glove palm was made of very sturdy leather, not unlike a hard strap or belt; and much thicker than a normal glove.

Oh…the dreaded leather glove. Brandywyn is sure to behave better next time.


Addendum: I feel the need to clarify here. The Princess and the Huntsman was on the Amazon Top 100 for erotica, but feel off after a few weeks, as many books do. And it was on Blushing Books bestseller list for about a month. I don’t want to give y’all the wrong impression, and I may have, though that wasn’t my intent.

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