Valentines Day – 10 Ways to Get in the Mood

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valentine candy hearts 11959152_sRomance is in the air!

Here are a few romantic things to inspire you.

  1. Candy and flowers. Maybe something equally sweet for him. Does he like pretzels and beer? And those little candy hearts with romantic sayings are always de rigueur.
  2. Dinner together. A fancy restaurant would be nice, but sometimes a lush burger is exactly what you both want. Throw in a fun dining atmosphere and you have a dinner date worth having.
  3. A picnic in the park. Or, if you’re living in a snowy place, the park might be a little chilly, so why not spread your picnic blanket on the living room floor? Maybe you could build a “fort” out of blankets as well. Be kids for a day! How much fun is that?
  4. Read a sexy book together. I recommend Journey’s Valentine (of course).
  5. Take a long walk together. Not every place is snowy. If you live in a place where the snow never fell or has melted away, enjoy a little bit of deep breathing outdoors.
  6. Light a fire in the fireplace. Or, if you’re like my husband and I, we “light a fire” on our TV with a fireplace DVD. It’s complete with sound, so the pop and crackle of a real log warms up the romance, even if not the room.
  7. Dance. You probably both like some music in common, so play your favorite songs and take a turn around the kitchen together. Dancing is an intimate thing.
  8. Play footsie under the table, or on the couch together.
  9. Cuddle. A good cuddle leads to other things.
  10. Kiss.

Just a few ideas on how to get the romance ball rolling and sparkling. I hope your day and night are full of romance, laughter, and love.

Happy Valentines Day!


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