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Notice: The winner for the Valentine’s Day Gift Hop here on Patricia Green Books has been chosen via and has been notified. Thank you to everyone who participated! I hope you all had a terrific Valentine’s Day.

volunteer 9543770_sToday is…you guessed it…Random Acts of Kindness Day. To think, we need a special day for that. It suggests there’s something wrong with society.

Be good to people today (and every day).

Here are five things you might do today (in no particular order):


  • Give a homeless person a sandwich.
  • Babysit for free.
  • Send a soldier a thank you card. US Soldiers here. Canadian Soldiers here.
  • Do something for an elderly neighbor. (Take his/her dog for a walk. Bake cookies. You’ll think of something!)
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter for a day. (You might find you want to do it more often!)

Those are just five ways. There are so many more opportunities to show you care. And don’t make Random Act of Kindness Day only one day a year.

I’m going to send a free book to someone who has commented on my blog sometime in February. Someone I don’t necessarily know. That’s one of my Random Acts of Kindness.


PS: It’s also President’s Day in the States and Alberta Family Day here in Alberta, but I thought Random Acts of Kindness kind of beat those out. Still, I wish you happy holidays!


  1. I think Random Acts of Kindness should be an every day thing too, Trish.

    It actually makes the giver feel good when they know they have done something to bless another.

    Here’s a couple of quick ideas for other R.A.K’s. 🙂

    When a neighbor is sick:

    Make a big pot of ginger tea, and take it to them. (peeled ginger root, 2 sticks of cinnamon, and honey or some sort of sugar. boil for 7 minutes, then add real lemon juice to each cup.)


    paint “hugs! or “get well soon” on a mug; put 3 or 4 tea bags in it, and present to neighbor.

    My neighbors helped me shovel my driveway, a few days ago. It was a very cool feeling to have 4 other people working with me on such a huge task, unasked. (I could have done it myself. But it was a nice feeling of support and friendship.)

    Happy holidays to you!!

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