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Saturday Spankings

Last week, I was so focused on my Aussie WIP that I totally forgot to sign up for the Saturday Spankings hop. Only one or two people knew I’d posted, but my post was here! So, in order to get these fun 8 sentences out in the public eye, I’m sharing them again. If you read them last week, thank you for coming by; I promise I’ll do something new next week.

journeys-valentine-fullHere are 8 sentences from my latest release, Journey’s Valentine, available now at Blushing Books (all formats) and

In this segment, things lead to bad mojo between Pilar and Deuce. It started off with her yelling at him and calling him names.

Her vituperation had gone beyond Deuce’s patience level. “I have feelings, and you’re stomping all over them with hobnail boots, Pilar. You need to get control of yourself or I’m going to paddle your behind and maybe get some sense into you.”

She shouted her response. “You think that solves everything, don’t you! Give Pilar a spanking and the whole world is right again! Well, I’m not going to calm down. I’m upset, and if you had any compassion you’d understand!”

“Over the top” doesn’t begin to describe Pilar’s behavior. Have you ever felt the way Pilar does here?

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  1. Oh, yes, I’ve felt exactly the way Pilar does, although it’s been awhile. Much younger, then. Great snippet, Trish.

  2. What a tantrum. LOL love feisty though I have to say.

  3. I don’t get mad that often, so I have not felt the way she has. However, I love to read about feisty heroines, and this snippet it great.

  4. I love fiesty heroines named Pilar. I can’t wait to see what you have for next weekend!

  5. Mmm, great tantrum!
    I loved Deuce and Pilar.
    This was a great scene that really brought out both of their emotions.
    I’m glad you got it posted this week.

  6. She is fiery and volatile, isn’t she?

  7. She is most definitely upset. Spankings don’t always solve everything, but they do let emotions come pouring out. Great little tidbit.

  8. Great characters, you can feel their frustrations.

  9. There hasn’t been a Journey story I didn’t love. This one was no exception – so glad to see them return 🙂

  10. Uh oh, Pilar has a tantrum indeed. Great snippet, Trish. Intense. I want to know what happens next!

  11. Just finished Journeys Valentine last night. I’m taken by how much I’m enjoying these stories as I’ve never been interested in this line of…adventure. Great couple. I’ll check out the other sites.
    Cora Blu

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