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I crocheted this "fisherman's knot" with bamboo fibers.
I crocheted this “fisherman’s knot” with bamboo fibers.
A few of you know what my hobbies are, my passions beyond writing books and reading them. Basically, I love yarn. Yarn of all sorts. A rainbow of colors. A textural wonderland of thicknesses and fibers. And part of my yarn obsession is making things with it. I started with crewel yarn, made of beautiful, thin wool, but then moved on to plastic canvas work (a form of needlepoint), which used acrylic yarns. Next I started crocheting, something I learned from my grandmother when I was a little girl, and finally, I conquered knitting. Knitting was quite the chore to learn, but now I love it. All of these crafts use yarn. Lately I’ve been on a bamboo kick, enjoying the silky texture of bamboo fibers and the easy-care projects I can make from it.

Crocheting is wonderful, and can be as mindless as a repeating pattern afghan, or as intricate as a Tunisian crochet lace shawl. You can do so many wonderful projects in crochet, and you don’t need many tools. A crochet hook, some yarn, and a pair of scissors (you don’t even need the scissors if you have really sharp teeth). It might be good to have a pattern to work from as well, but if you’re creative, that isn’t absolutely necessary. Reading a pattern was a new experience for me where crochet was concerned. My grandmother taught me some basic stitches, but that was all. I taught myself pattern reading. I now am the proud owner of about 100 crochet patterns. More than I could do in a lifetime, but I never want to be without “the next one” and the next and the next after that.

I’ve also taken classes in crochet methods. I started with Craftsy classes and moved on to other sites’ offerings. I’ve discovered some great teachers along the line. Lily Chin is one of them; I take every class she offers.

Well, enough about my love for yarn and crochet in particular. I wish you a lovely crochet week. If you haven’t given it a try, you might consider it. It’s easy, fun, and portable. I’d miss it if it wasn’t a part of my life.

Thank you for joining me here for Crochet Week. Do come back to visit!



  1. I love crocheting!
    And have just learned to knit!
    Yarn is so much fun!
    Happy crocheting!

    • Crafting is a lot of fun, whether it’s knit, crochet, paint by numbers, or woodworking. Making something with your own two hands is an accomplishment. And striving for perfection gives you an ever-moving target to shoot for. Enjoy your yarn fun, Katherine!

  2. I love to crochet and do all sorts of yarn crafts. I even have a Navajo loom. I’ve just purchased a kit for loom knitting and have been trying that out. Don’t have the tension quite right so my work isn’t even, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. I can’t quite get the hang of knitting. I can do it, but it just feels awkward and never comes out as nice as crochet for me. Before reading your post I didn’t even know there was such a thing as crochet week!

    • Holla, if you’re good with yarn, the crafting world is your oyster. It took me many years to learn to knit, but then one day, I’d had enough of failing and I took a Craftsy class. Made all the difference for me. Now I can knit or crochet, whichever takes my fancy. And, yes, there’s a crochet week, and in fact, March is crochet month! So get out your hook, lady, and whip up something gorgeous.

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