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gurning 11215584_sAnother fun holiday takes place today: Limerick Day. It’s celebrated every May 12, to commemorate the father of Limerick rhymes, Edward Lear (1812-1888). Although today’s limericks tend to be a big raunchy, Lear’s were more mild-mannered (at least those that got published).

I’m not a limerick writer; I leave that to my husband who can do splendid ones off the top of his head. But I do have some researching talent and I was inspired by this goofy picture, so I found one to share with you today.

As a beauty, I’m not a star,
There are many more handsome by far;
    But my face, I don’t mind it,
    For I am behind it,
It’s the people in front get the jar.

Simple, cute, and it tells a story. This is from the book A Thousand and One Limericks edited by Rosemary Gray and Marcus Clapham. 2004.

See if you can write yourself a limerick today. If you do, feel free to post it in the comments. We’d all enjoy reading your ditty.

Thanks for joining me here today.



  1. I met a little turkey, his name was gobble goo, I asked him in for breakfast, he ended up in stew,
    One day he came to haunt me, but I knew what to do,
    I took a great big hatchet, there’s no mor gobble goo.

    I wrote this in the fifth grade. The kids loved it and the teacher hated it.

  2. The boy stood on the burning deck, his feet were all a blistered.
    He tore his pants on a rusty nail and now he wears his sisters.

  3. It’s Limerick Day here in MAY
    I’m working all night and all day
    To pay for the blunder of Labor Gov’s chunder
    While Mahias and Joe smoke it away

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