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memorial day 17533471_sSummer is almost upon us again. How the years pass by, faster and faster as I get older. I think that’s because I have so many other years’ memories to compare.

Today is Memorial Day in the US. A day to recognize those who gave their lives to protect American interests worldwide. Although I had a father and have a brother who both served in the US Army, I never lost anyone valorously. It’s something I can be grateful for. I remember how worried my mother and I were about my brother in Viet Nam, where he was with the Army Corps of Engineers. After the fact, we saw pictures of his living conditions and some of the things he experienced and I can tell you, I was pretty glad I hadn’t seen them while he was there. I was frightened enough.

I hope you get a chance to honor the fallen today, and that you can make the time to do so more than one day out of the year. If you can visit a national cemetery and leave flowers on a grave, that would be splendid. Even if a parade is your destination, you can show your respect for those who sacrificed for your way of living. And, if your way of commemorating the fallen is to have a family picnic and spend a few minutes talking about Great Uncle John who died in WWII, that’s wonderful, too.

Enjoy the beginning of “summer” (though that doesn’t really start for almost a month); have a great Memorial Day!



  1. I too have found the years speeding by, Trish.. And just when I really wish for them to slow down. I’ve spent this Memorial Day quietly at home, but have been thinking about the men and women who are honored today, including my dad and uncles who served in WWII. Lovely post. Happy Memorial Day.

  2. Well said, Trish!
    Happy Memorial Day!

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