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Saturday Spankings

cover the blacksmith's bride

So much going on right now!

Today’s a special day. Not only are we in the midst of the Spanking Romance A-Z Alphabet Challenge, but I’ve got a brand spankin’ new book out! It’s The Blacksmith’s Bride, part of a terrific box set entitled, “The Sons of Johnny Hastings.” There are five novellas in this box set, with the price set so low, you’ll want to buy it twice.

Included in this awesome collection are:

  • The Blacksmith’s Bride, by Patricia Green
  • The Juniper Bride, by Maddie Taylor
  • The Outlaw’s Bride, by Renee Rose
  • To Have and To Scold, by Mary Wehr
  • and, The Lawman’s Lessons, by Patty Devlin

Now available on Amazon and at Blushing Books!

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Now let’s get to Saturday Spankings and the Alphabet Challenge for today, the letter G.

Today, G is for Good Grief.

I am, of course, excerpting from The Blacksmith’s Bride. In this segment Able is giving Sunny her second spanking. She rather likes it, even though it hurts. At first, Abel is puzzled.

Sobbing, low and plaintive, gave him pause. He nearly stopped, but her bottom was barely red, and only in spots, bright blotches of color muted by the gloom of the shed. Abel was distracted by the sound and his aim was off, so he caught her between the legs instead of on the bottom proper. The sound was muffled, not the sharp slap that proved her bottom was target. Instead, she sounded wet. How could that be? He wanted to touch her there, to find out whether she truly was excited by this situation, by her bare behind showing blatantly and the heat on her backside. Had all of that been titillating for her?

That’s my #SatSpanks submission for today.

The A-Z Challenge question for today is: what scenario in a spanking romance book has made you say, “Good Grief!”?

Remember: One person who answers each day’s Alphabet Challenge question in a comment for that day’s post will win a $26 Blushing Books gift certificate as a thank you from me. You have to comment on all 26 posts to be eligible to win, but I’ve asked easy questions at the end of each short post, so it shouldn’t be onerous. If you’ve missed the previous posts, do a search on “Alphabet Challenge” in the search box at the bottom right of the site. All the posts will be listed for you and you can go back and participate.

Hop around to the other Saturday Spankings participants’ blogs and get your tasty tidbits from a whole host of fun spanking romance authors.

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  1. oooh that’s a good question. I read a book once where I really felt the hero was just psychotic. He was a total chauvinistic womanizing pig at first, and not in a good way, and then it turned out, he was only like that because he couldn’t settle down and admit what he wanted, he finally did, and then he was just the kind of hero that spanks for every little thing. Only DD book I never finished.

  2. Kathy Heare Watts

    What scenario in a spanking romance book has made you say, “Good Grief!”? I loved the Sons Of Johnny Hastings stories! I loved the feistiness of each of the women and Good Grief if they didn’t get their bottoms reddened often by their antics! But never over the top.

    Not in any of these stories but I did read by one author and Good Grief I swear he was spanking her for everything, breathing just about and I felt it was so over the top. She ended up leaving him, and I fully agreed. I don’t want a women to be treated like she is stupid and needs to live in a bubble.

  3. Loved the book by the way. I think when they just keep repeated the same stupid mistake and getting the same results. Good Grief try something different you silly thing.

  4. Good Golly! What a great gift to myself. Did I use enough ggggs. lol I will be buying the box. I know that anything you write, Trish, will be awesome. Congradulations.

  5. Congratulations, Trish, on this wonderful new release. I’m off to buy my copy after that hot, sexy excerpt! I didn’t see a question for the challenge, but Good Grief, what a red letter day for you! I think Able may have thought Good Grief when he found Sunny excited by her spanking. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

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