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man soldier dress uniform 1091180_sU: Uniform

Men and women in uniform are instant authority figures. It doesn’t even matter much what service they’re in, they are respected and often trusted immediately. But a uniform doesn’t have to be something bearing medals or a badge; a uniform can also be a business suit. Bankers and lawyers wear uniforms every day. Putting a tie and suit on aren’t much different than a cop’s uniform. Only the colors change. But, somehow, we don’t respect men in suits, except as objects representing money or prestige. And often, we scoff at their materialism, call them pretentious or untruthful. I think it’s interesting to consider that. A guy wearing an Army uniform might not be any more trustworthy than a guy in a suit, once you get to know him. And, in fact, faced with an enemy combatant, the uniform can mean immediate distrust, even fear.

So why do we assume, in our fiction, that the guy in the uniform is a hero? Something to consider as you read.

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  1. I love a man in uniform. Going to my son’s graduation from Basic and seeing a see of uniforms it caused strong emotions. I know the guy in the uniform might be the bad guy in a story but I love it when they are the hero.

  2. I also love men in uniform, and a military hair cut. Mmmmm.
    As far as the writing, I don’t know. For me, it’s because a uniform means respect, honor, and discipline, and if the man or woman wearing that uniform bear that discipline in their presence, then I am more willing to trust them, because of the training.
    In real life, I know it’s not always that way, but in my fantasies and fiction, mmm, I love uniforms.

  3. I guess we type cast men in uniforms. There is no rhyme or reason, we just do. My husband is a ww2 and Korea war vet and I have a photo of him in a navy uniform when he was 17 and yummy. He’s my hero in or out of uniform.

  4. I don’t know the answer to that question, but there is something Alpha (authoritative) about a uniform. Guess that’s it.

  5. I love a man in uniform, but a man in a suit is even hotter!

  6. Kathy Heare Watts

    I love a man in uniform. My father is retired military, my husband was military and our son is active military! But to me, a uniform fits the job. Yes, cops and firemen where a specific uniform. But what about a cowboy, jeans, boots, chaps, stetson, that is a sexy uniform. A businessman in his neat 3 piece suit and tie, he’s an alpha, that’s his uniform. Or a Dom at a scene in his leather! 🙂

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