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Saturday Spankings

renee - Master of TwoWelcome, once again, to Saturday Spankings on Patricia Green Books! This week, I’m going to tease you with something you don’t have to buy. I know…what a concept! This passage is from “Renee: His Good Girl,” a short story that’s here for free. It’s a BDSM love story of a different kind. Etta Stark likens the hero to Christian Grey, but I like my Kevin better. See if you agree. Here’s the story.

And here’s the teaser:

Come lie across my lap.” He patted his thighs.

Did I want to be spanked? Would he do damage? I hardly knew him. Still…He had a good reputation in the world. He was smart and always cool and collected. He never raised his voice. “Yes, sir.”

Danger is a potent spice.

I hope you enjoyed this taste. Come back for more. It’s free.

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  1. Lovely teaser! “Danger is a potent spice.” How very true. I’m off to read the rest of this now, too. 🙂

  2. Danger is a potent spice.

    Five truer words were never written:)

    Thanks for sharing this one, Patricia.

  3. Thanks for the free story. It sounds hot!

  4. Oh I will definitely check this out! And for the record, I only compared Kevin to Christian Grey as they both fit under the heading of “Rich wankers”. Kevin gets to be written by a far more skilled writer than Grey does.

  5. The redhead is beautiful! I love the line danger is a potent spice.

  6. “Come lie across my lap.” Love the sound of that command, having to assume the position makes the spankee a willing participant. Yum

  7. Nice little tease and I love the redhead. She’s cute!

  8. Thank you for the free story. It would be hard to play with someone you didn’t really know – but potent spice…

  9. tarafinneganromance

    Did I want to be spanked… Now there is a question. Hot snippet Patricia. This book intrigues me. The premise is different. It’s next on my list after I read the 2 Corbins Bends I’m behind on.

  10. mmm, this book sounds very hot!

  11. I’m saving the rest for tonight but I loved the snippet Trish. A quiet voice can be so much more commanding than a raised one 🙂

  12. Yes, I can see where Kevin would be quite the temptation. Must go read the rest now! 🙂 Great snippet, Trish.

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