Saturday Spankings – Kiki Must Not Cuss, Or Else

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Saturday Spankings

Cover: Kiki's MillionaireAre you ready for your Saturday Spankings? Here’s one from my arsenal of swats. It’s from my first spanking romance, Kiki’s Millionaire.

Kiki has a potty mouth and Jim has told her repeatedly to watch it or else. Their first spanking takes place in his limousine. Kiki is about to be surprised.

Being half-naked on his lap lent the idea a kind of sexual mien, and she was actually getting excited about it. It was an amazing idea. She wasn’t sure she should explore it, but, maybe it would be interesting. He was damned attractive, after all. And a few swats on the butt were not like falling into bed with him.

Slowly, grudgingly, not understanding why she didn’t simply hit him, she squirmed her skirt up over her hips and then, as gracefully as she could, draped herself over his knees. Maybe this would be playful. A little dominance game.

How playful do you think this is going to be? Hint: Kiki learns to stop cussing.

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