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amiko - Master of TwoWhat do a nun, an import/export exec., and an economist have in common? A young Japanese woman named Amiko Saito. Free for any ADULT who cares to read, is the second short story in the Beginnings of a BDSM Life book of short stories. Amiko’s tale is here for you right now, completely free.

Amiko has had a difficult life, and it seems like her mentors have set her up to be unhappy, but that’s not so. Kevin is ready to catch her in very supportive arms.

Take a look at Amiko’s story, but be warned, some parts might make you uncomfortable. It falls into the “dark BDSM” category, though it does have a positive ending. It is Not Safe for Work (not for graphics as the graphic is the same as on this post), so read it at home or in some other private place. (The library is probably not a good idea.) “Amiko: Adjustments” comes in two parts. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is there.

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Thank you for tuning in.