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Saturday Spankings

amiko - Master of TwoIt’s Saturday Spankings! I’m excited to bring you this snippet as it’s from a free short story I published here on my site just yesterday: “Amiko: Adjustments.” It tells the story of Amiko Saito of Master of Two, my BDSM novella. Amiko comes from a troubled childhood, but, like a cat, she’s learned to land on her feet.

In this passage, found in the short story, Amiko has greatly displeased her master — the very first man she’s known. Although he’s spanked her before with his hand, this time, he’s using a paddle.

At the end of the twentieth stroke, he put the paddle down and pushed her off his lap.

“Go to your bed.”

No cuddling. No warm post-spanking embrace. No forgiveness offered. It was the most cruel thing he could have done. The pain of her tortured flesh was nothing in comparison to the pain in her heart.

“I’m sorry, sir,” she sobbed. “Please forgive me.”

This is not the hero from the stories or Master of Two, as I’m sure you can see from his lack of heroic behavior. Amiko isn’t with him much longer after this episode.

Thanks for coming by today. I wish you all a lovely weekend!

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  1. Aww, I feel sorry for her. Poor little thing. I’m glad she doesn’t stay with him. Great snippet Trish 🙂

  2. This snippet makes me want to follow her to see what happens next

  3. This snippet makes me want to follow her to see what happens next.

  4. I”m glad she’s not with him much longer!!

  5. Amiko deserves better than this, no matter what she did to warrant the spanking. So glad she ends up with Kevin.

  6. He’s a meanie, Trish. I’m glad he’s not the hero. Very intense scene for Amiko.

  7. ugh yeah, yucky guy. so glad this wasn’t the end of Amiko’s story 🙂

  8. He’s MEAN. Me no like. Glad Amiko gets away from him.

  9. Great way to show his unsuitability.

  10. 🙁 Nice characterization, Trish, but :(.

  11. Yes, I agree with krblake. Good that she gets away from him.

  12. This post makes me sad! After a punishment spanking, everything should be forgiven and there should be lots of cuddles! I hope that Amkio is okay.

  13. A cruel punishment for sure.

  14. Aftercare is so important, feel bad for Amiko.

  15. Yes, being pushed away after a punishment is much crueler than the punishment itself. I feel for Amiko, but I’m glad she gets away from him.

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