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name game starHi, everyone. You might recall that as part of my recent Reader’s Survey, I offered a chance for three readers to choose names of characters in my next book. The three persons were chosen at random, and all were incredibly creative and yet didn’t get into crazy names. Each contest winner provided names for the six characters I had not named yet. I’ve chosen two from Su’s suggestions, two from Kristin’s suggestions, and two from Sharon’s suggestions. Where there were no last names, I gave last names, and I moved a few around from one character to another. I love what we came up with together. I know you will too.

For the villain, I took Su’s suggestion: Walter David Mason. He sounds so innocuous, witch is exactly what I wanted for this villain. He’s the guy who commits mass murder but all the neighbors say, “He was such a nice guy. So helpful. I can’t believe it.” You know the type.

For murder victim 1, I took Kristin’s suggestion: Amy. I tacked on Alexander as her last name. She’s rather a sad character, the mother of a small child.

For Amy’s young son (who is a survivor of this tragedy), I took another of Su’s suggestions: Barry (called Bear-bear by people who love him). I tacked on an appropriate last name, Alexander, to match his mother.

For murder victim 2, I used Sharon’s idea: Nikkol. For her last name, I used my own idea, Sweeney. Nikkol Sweeney is a the kind of girl who is sly, but not too smart. I particularly liked the unique spelling of this name, which, while unusual, remains easy to pronounce.

For murder victim 3, I took another one of Kristin’s suggestions: Camilla. I think it’s ironic that Camilla is also the name of one of the royal family (albeit not of royal blood). For Camilla’s last name, I chose Ross.

Lastly, I needed a name for the jovial but tough Police Captain. For this, I used one of Sharon’s ideas: Salvatore. I loved her reasons for choosing that name. For his last name, I wanted another Italian name, so I looked for Italian surnames online, and found this one: Donati. I think it suits him.

The names I chose did not conflict with the names of the hero and heroine of the story: Jase Striker and Angelica Piccolino.

I’m quite pleased at the wonderful way, Su, Sharon, and Kristin came through for me. This is a contest I’ll run again in the future. I think we all had fun with it. Over time, I’ll share the character’s inspirational pictures with you, so you can put faces to the names.

I’m starting to write the book, tentatively titled Striker, today and hope to have it released in March.

Thanks to all who participated in the contest!



  1. Congratulations to the winners! You all did a fantastic job. I love the names and can’t wait to read the book!

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