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Saturday Spankings

cover the blacksmith's brideWelcome to Saturday Spankings on the Patricia Green Books site. Yes, that’s what I call my little piece of the internet. It has to have some kind of name!

Today, for the hop, I’m sharing a little piece of The Blacksmith’s Bride, my nineteenth century spanking romance about…wait for it…a blacksmith and his bride. It’s part of “The Sons of Johnny Hastings” box set with Patty Devlin, Renee Rose, Maddie Taylor, and Mary Wehr. All five books are excellent, and all involve colorful characters.

In the following segment, Abel Armstrong (our blacksmith) has caught Sunny Winslow (his soon-to-be bride) telling a lie. They’re out having a picnic—their first date—chaperoned of course, but their chaperon has wandered away for a few minutes. Around this time, Abel finds out about Sunny’s lie and…

He didn’t answer, except with more spanks.

“Please, Abel. Don’t be so mean.”

“Mean, am I? Well, if the shoe fits…” he said, his voice grim. With that, he pushed her skirts—all of them—up to her back and exposed her bottom. Her pantalettes were showing! Sunny thought she’d die of shame.

For more of this spanking, and the moments that lead up to it, pick up a copy of The Blacksmith’s Bride, at these fine retailers:

Amazon, here, Blushing Books, there, and Barnes & Noble as well.

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  1. love this book!

  2. This is one I actually still need to get. I’m sadly behind the times. But this particular encounter sound like it’s about to get serious. Those big blacksmith hands will cover a lot of bottom!

  3. hehe, that’s why you don’t lie to the big guys. Loved this book, and loved her embarrassment mixed with agony.

  4. I read all of these when they first came out and loved every one of them!

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