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Welcome! I’m participating in Weekend Writing Warriors (this is the link directly to the hop) again this weekend, but instead of sharing another snippet from Rescued by the Spy, I’m going to share a bit from a new short story, resident here on my blog and absolutely free. It’s called “Among the Trees, There are Dreams” and it’s an erotic fairy tale.

Among the TreesHere’s my segment:

The villagers kept away, and that was her desire. She didn’t want the voices to bring her pain, make her too close to anyone. When they had nightmares, the images and their unconscious screams haunted her for a long time.

But this man, this intrepid man, had come into her forest. Why?

For a while, she sat beside him and listened to his dream. It was erotic, primitive, full of lust touched by tenderness. Although she’d experienced the sexual dreams of other people when she lived in the village, they had never been about her.

The short story is told in two segments. It’s part of my Short Stories in Five Minutes series, and each segment takes less than five minutes to read. I hope you’ll come back to read this free shortie, and moreover, I hope you enjoy it.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Love the narrative description of the man and his dream. Great job! 🙂

  2. Very good last line, and the full version… !

    Great eight!

  3. Excellent snippet to hook me in. Now I’m off to read the rest! Tweeted!

  4. This is a truly beautiful bit of writing. Well done!

  5. I am hooked too! This ending, “…they had never been about her.” is outstanding! 🙂

  6. Interesting, really enjoyed the snippet!

  7. This is a beautiful beginning! You’ve made the situation clear within a few sentences—and those last few are Especially Good Sentences. 🙂

  8. This is an intriguing story!

  9. Great snippet. I’m immediately hooked.

  10. Really good! I love this.

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