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calliemaeandthemarineHello and welcome to my little place in the interwebs. Today, I’d like to introduce you to a new book by Stevie MacFarlane, Callie Mae and the Marine. Stevie is an established writer with a history of success in her field. Callie Mae and the Marine is a time travel story, something in which Stevie is well versed. So come to nineteenth century Kansas and meet Callie Mae and her Marine, Morgan.

To my delight, Stevie answered a personal question for me for this guest appearance.

Patricia: If you had the opportunity to live one year of your life over again, which year would you choose?

Stevie: I would pick 1997. My mom was still alive and in remission from her cancer. My first two grandchildren were here, a girl and a boy and life was wonderful. I think that was the happiest time in my life.

Thank you for that sweet memory, Stevie.

Here’s the summary of Callie Mae and the Marine:

After he is wounded during his final tour of duty with the Marines, Morgan Whittaker returns home to a life in shambles. Knowing that their marriage is beyond repair, his wife uses her connections as a scientist at a top-secret government lab to offer Morgan an opportunity to start over in not only a new place, but a new time as well. Believing that he has nothing to lose, Morgan agrees, and soon enough he finds himself walking the dusty streets of a small Kansas town in the year 1880.

It is there that Morgan meets Miss Callie Mae Walker, the feisty preacher’s daughter who has taken it upon herself to run the local saloon, much to the consternation of her father and the townsfolk. Callie Mae is beautiful, sassy, and in desperate need of a firm hand applied to her bare bottom. Morgan decides that he might just be the man for the job, and before long he takes the little hellcat over his knee for a sound spanking.

Callie Mae is not one to be tamed easily, and his chastisement provokes her to take ever greater risks with her safety at the saloon. But Morgan is no longer the all-but-broken shell of a man he left behind in the twenty-first century. In this time and place, he is the tough, bold fighting man he once was, and he’ll be damned if the girl he loves is going to get herself killed because she didn’t have her backside heated properly.

Publisher’s Note: Callie Mae and the Marine is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. Also note that this book was previously published under the title In This Lifetime: Morgan’s Journey.

And an excerpt!

“Where in hell’s creation have you been all these years? We all thought you were dead, killed in the Indian wars,” he continued, reaching out to shake Morgan’s hand before pulling him into a man hug and pounding his back. “And what in tarnation are you on foot for? Get throwed?”

“Um, yeah,” Morgan replied. Apparently this man knew him, although how that could be possible he didn’t know. Cara told him he was taking a chance going to rural Kansas where his ancestors had settled back in the 1800’s. It appeared she was right, as he obviously looked enough like his predecessor to be mistaken for him.

“Well come on,” the man said, heading toward the wagon. “Never thought I’d live to see the day you got pitched off your own nag,” he chuckled, shaking his head. “You want I should try and find your horse? I guess that fightin’ took more out of you than is right.”

“I guess so,” Morgan agreed, climbing up on the seat and looking around at the countryside. “No, he was an ornery old cuss anyway, so good riddance to him.” Acres and acres of wheat, as far as the eye could see, waved gently in the breeze. He hoped the man would continue to carry the conversation because frankly, he was almost speechless.

“I’ll take you out to the homestead,” the blond haired man beside him said, giving the reins a snap that set the horses in motion, “but I better stop at the house on our way or Missy will never forgive me. That little sister of yours is sweet as a honeycomb until she gets a bee in her bonnet, then watch out. We been married nigh on three years now and I’ve only had to take a hand to her a few times, but let me tell you that woman can hold a grudge like no female I ever met. Best not to rile her up if I can help it,” he said, grinning.

“You hit my sister?” Morgan asked, feeling strangely angry despite the fact that he had no idea who ‘Missy’ was.

“Hell no! You know me better than that, Morg; I just tan her hide when she gets out of hand. Nothin’ you wouldn’t a done yourself if you’d been around. If anyone knows what kind of trouble that gal can get into, it oughta be you.”

Morgan nodded and digested this information. So, he had a sister. Well the other Morgan Whittaker did, and lord knew where he was. Maybe he was dead. This man was married to Missy, his sister, and apparently it was permissible to spank your wife. A tiny smile tilted the corner of his mouth.

Here’s where you can find this delicious book:


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Now that you know a bit of what she writes, and one personal tidbit, maybe you’d like to know more about Stevie and/or contact her. You can find her here:

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Twitter:  @steviemac1175



  1. Callie Mae and the Marine is a wonderful story. I encourage anyone who hasn’t read it to one click it today.

  2. Thanks for having me over today, Patricia.

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