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rain 37596418_sSometimes, on rainy days, I ask myself why I do it. Why do I persist with writing, even though I’m not famous and not a gazillionaire after 22 years of toiling at fiction? I think everyone has those days. Days when there are low book sales, and crappy royalty checks, and your fingers can’t type a whole sentence without a typo. Even if I was a cashier at my local Safeway, I’d have days like that. That’s why they call it “work” and not “play.”

But then I have days when I feel like the world is my oyster and I’ve got a new book out that makes some “prestigious” list or something, and my writing brain is in full swing with cooperation from my fingers.

I wish there was more balance in these two things, but I’m working on it.

Today I’d like to share with you the three top reasons why I keep doing it, even when there are hard days.

(1) I’m stubborn. I have confidence in my work and I know that, eventually, it’ll be seen by enough people to make it more profitable than my former career as a technical writer. It’s something I’m determined to do.

(2) I love my readers. It is so joyous to receive a fan letter when the work is hard and the rewards are few. And when I read a positive review, I’m over the moon for the whole day, no matter what’s gone on. I read it several times, just to remind myself that I can do this, and do it well.

(3) I like being challenged. Writing can be awfully tough. It’s isolating, brain-frying, and sometimes quite frustrating. It’s a challenge to rise to those occasions and dig into the tough parts and make them sing a cappella.

So those are the main reasons I keep doing it. There are so many parts I enjoy and find rewarding, but, you know, I think it’s the tough parts that make me what I am today. I’m blessed in many ways: having a loyal fan base, having good and supportive colleagues, having a wonderful family who’ve got my back. I like to think I take the time to assess those strengths, especially when I’m feeling my own weaknesses.

Please keep buying my books. Encourage me to do the hard parts by rewarding my efforts. And send me letters when you have something to say. Review the books you read, both mine, and also other authors you enjoy. Forward my newsletters to friends. Every little thing keeps me looking for rainbows on gloomy rainy days.

Thanks for joining me here today and any day.



  1. Re #2 on your list: We love you too, Trish. So please keep on writing!

  2. Nice post, Trish. And a good reminder to the rest of us. I’ve never worked so hard for so little pay and still want to keep going and going. It’s like a sickness. 🙂

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