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First, I’d like to thank all of you who’ve purchased Striker. It’s been in the Amazon Top 100 for Erotica>Mysteries ever since it was released two weeks ago. You came through for me, helping me launch this new phase in my career, as I focus more on crime/detective romance stories. I love old-fashioned detectives with a modern flair, and I hope you do, too.

Here’s a quote from the most recent five star review, this one by Felicity Nichols on her review site, “Nichols Reviews.”

Patricia Green debuts herself as a Crime Drama author. While we are used to seeing her as a spanking romance author we get more depth in Striker. I loved the chemistry between Jase and his newbie partner, Angelica as they are on the hunt for a killer that is offing prostitutes.

Thanks, Felicity!

You can see the whole review as part of this post.

Cover: StrikerOther people are enjoying the book as well.

(Quoting from Amazon)

ebookluvr writes: “All-in-all Patricia Green did an outstanding job creating this non-series book…although I wish it was a series….each book could be stand-alone…(hint!)” Go to the Amazon page to read the rest of her fabulous review.

And, spanking romance’s own, Cara Bristol wrote: “I loved the tone of this story particularly Jase’s. This book has a film noir feel. If you like crime dramas/mysteries or spanking romance, you’ll like this book. It’s a good cross-genre read.” There’s more on the Amazon page, and it’s just as flattering.

Reviews are one key factor in a book’s success in the marketplace, but more important than that are reader recommendations. If you’ve read Striker, please consider recommending the book to a friend. Whether that person is a lover of spanking romance, or crime stories, or sexy romances, I’ll bet they’ll find something they enjoy in Striker.

Thank you for being part of my journey. I’ll have more romance for you at the end of this month or in early July, when I will re-introduce a set of books from my back catalog. They’ve been out of print for a long time, were extensively revised, re-edited, and the books got new covers as well. They’re hardly recognizable. So, look for the futuristic, erotic romances, “Sonata’s Moon: Surface” and “Sonata’s Moon: Sanctuary” soon. If you love sweeping and sexy romances about two stubborn protagonists, you’ll love “Sonata’s Moon.”



  1. Congratulations, Trish! And those five stars are richly deserved. This is a gripping read, not only for the romance–which is HOT–but for the mystery/detective drama as well. Break out the champagne and celebrate a new era for your career!

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